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Film / Hold Your Breath

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Hold Your Breath is a 2012 horror film by The Asylum. Seven kids, formerly friends in high school, head off on a camping trip together. While on their way, they pass a graveyard, one of them fails to hold his breath, and they accidentally inhale the spirit of a mass murderer, Klaus Van Hausen. Possessing one teen after another, he goes on a murderous rampage which can only be stopped by one man.

Not to be confused with Don't Breathe.

This film exhibits the following tropes:

  • Abandoned Hospital: The Sanitorium, the prison where Klaus was killed.
  • Body Surf: Klaus jumps into multiple victims throughout the film.
  • Cellphones Are Useless: At the beginning of the film, Johnny confiscates all of the cell phones to ensure that people don't get distracted on the trip.
  • Electric Torture: Klaus employs this for his early victims, but drops it for the Eye Scream.
  • Eye Scream: Klaus has a thing about eyes. Keys, hash pipes, mixers, sticks, knives...
  • Half the Man He Used to Be: Samantha gets bisected with barbed wire.
  • Making Love in All the Wrong Places: Johnny and Natasha are prone to this according to their friends. Including in the morgue of the abandoned sanitarium.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning:
    • One of the side effects of being possessed by Klaus is glowing red eyes.
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    • Reversed with Warden Wilkes who produces the side effect of glowing blue eyes when he possesses somebody.
  • The Stoner: Kyle, on the the teenagers, is smoking weed throughout the film.