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Film / Exit (2011)

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"Take your left hand, place it on the nearest wall and walk - it's the simplest way to solve most mazes."

Exit is a 2011 science fiction/drama/artistic film from Australia, directed by Marek Polgar.

There is a group of people living in the city who are convinced it is actually a maze. These people search, hold meetings, build models, and compare maps. One woman thinks she has found the exit.

While it is a beautifully shot movie, some reviewers found it lacking in character depth, and a plot which despite being intriguing doesn't quite pay off in the end.

Movie website is here.


Tropes in this film

  • All for Nothing: Alice finally gets into the door she has spent the movie pursing and it's just an abandoned building, as John said.
  • Book Ends: One of the early scenes in the film has Alice writing on the window of a vacant office. The final scene is a woman seeing the remnants of those markings once the office is occupied.
  • No Antagonist: This is just people struggling with themselves.
  • No Ending: You never learn if the people are crazy or not. You never see Alice enter the new door she has located.
  • No Fourth Wall: The characters will often stop and speak directly to the viewer.
  • The Maze: What the city is believed to be by the characters.
  • Muggles: How some of the people searching for the exit feel about everyday people.
  • One-Word Title
  • Parental Abandonment: David has left his wife and children due to his obsession.
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  • Remember the New Guy?: Tom kind of comes into the movie fully formed and accepted by Alice - he even gets to talk to the camera some, and then he leaves as swiftly as he came.
  • Rich Idiot With No Day Job: John has shades of this. Most of the other searchers are homeless and poor, John is wealthy enough to buy buildings, search them and close the doors so he won't have to check there again. It is never said where he is getting is money from, but at one point David tells Alice that John doesn't rally care about money.
  • Room Full of Crazy: Everyone seems to have a book, wall or full room of this.
  • Sell-Out: Tom accuses Grace of doing this because she got herself a proper job and stopped searching.