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"If I'm ever gonna tell my story, now's the time."
Elvis Presley (or so this film wants us to believe)

2012 Mockumentary about the original king of Rock 'n Roll himself, Elvis Presley, from the same people who brought you Paul McCartney Really Is Dead. Much like how that film was based on the urban legend that Paul McCartney died in 1966 in an automobile accident, this film is based on the urban legend that Elvis is not dead, and that he merely faked his death. But to this day, has never disclosed his reasons for it.

The story goes that after returning to Los Angeles from a vacation in Graceland, The King's estate, director Joel Gilbert got word from the staff members of his production company, Highway 61 Entertainment, that they have just received what appear to be F.B.I. files on Presley. After going through hours and hours of undoing as much of the ink on the files as possible, some shocking discoveries were made: They were sent to a guy named Jon Burrows. According to the film, Jon Burrows was an alias Presley would use whenever he would travel. Even more shocking is that some of the files were dated after August 16, 1977, the day Presley died. Upon getting his address, they are in a loss for words when they find out that Elvis Presley is alive after all! And interview is then conducted with him the following day.


Though much more convincing than Gilbert's other mockumentary (hell, the fake Elvis does a damn good imitation), it's still cheesy as hell, though, and not to be taken seriously. Celeste Yarnall, Elvis' co-star in Live a Little, Love a Little, guest stars in this film as herself.


  • invokedDude, Not Funny!: Obviously, "Elvis" has some not-so nice words about people who read sex into his music, The Milton Berle Show skit that featured an Elvis twin (ignoring that Elvis' twin was stillborn).
  • Elvis Lives: The whole concept of the mockumentry is that Elvis's death was faked so he could become an agent for the government.
  • Government Conspiracy: The reason he hasn't come back to the public eye is because he is in the Federal Witness Protection Program, and that there are people who are afraid of him, because of information he has on them, such as The Weather Underground terrorists. He also claims to be a Federal Enforcement Agent. Near the end of the film, he says that if Barack Obama does not win re-election, he will show his face again. Unfortunately for him, Obama was re-elected.
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  • invokedLife Imitates Art: "Elvis"' life story is based entirely on that of the comic book hero Captain Marvel Jr. and his sister, Mary Marvel. "Elvis" also goes on to say that his love interests looked just like Mary Marvel, right down to the turned-up nose, face structure, and strong jawline.
  • The Main Characters Do Everything: "Elvis" claimed he never wrote a song in his life, despite his name appearing in composition credits on records, making him look much smarter than he really was.
  • invokedSo Bad, It's Horrible: "Elvis" criticizes much of his films by saying how much the scripts were all the same, schlock formula (he would beat up a guy, and then sing a song to him). On the other hand, he enjoyed doing all the fight scenes.
  • Take That!: Throughout the film, "Elvis" criticizes the likes of The Beatles, his manager Col. Tom Parker, the Hippie movement, and both the left-wing and right-wing media.


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