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Fanfic / The Zeitmanipular

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Treasure Planet 2: The Zeitmanipular, a sequel Fan Fic to Treasure Planet was written by Amalimrock

This story takes place when Jim is a sophomore of the Interstellar Academy. It is the end of year assessments, which is the time when students are sent off to do a mission and they are graded by their performance. This year's mission for Jim involves finding kidnapped hostages and recovering a device called the Zeitmanipular, in which his father accidentally discovered. The students were shown an SOS video of Jim's dad during a "pirate" raid. Knowing this, Jim's emotional side is affected greatly, but things could possibly get worse if he has to put up with Cloud Cuckoo Lander crew mate Canolin, who actually knew John Silver during her younger years.


This Fan Fic could be considered a mild break from canon due to the fact that there isn't too much Canon on the Interstellar Academy. Many Original Characters are introduced.

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