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"Only indicative of half of the fic's content"
Remnant is on the brink of disaster. The malevolent Creatures of Grimm steadily encroach upon every facet of civilization and various societal and racial tensions between both Humans and Faunus threatens to rip apart whatever semblance of peace that's been established.

But that doesn't mean four bros can't fuck around before it all goes to shit though, right?

SHIT is a Self-Insert Fic written by Lord Trent Blackmore, The Oldman, Xanothos, and BakaSmurf in RWBY. SHIT takes place in an Alternate Universe with slight and massive canon divergences as the self-inserts: Samael Obsidian, Ichabod Sable, Trent Blackmore and Hjøphiël Vanta engage in various shenaniganry as students of Beacon Academy.

Under the guise of a comedy fic, it intends to also realistically explore the darker aspects of living on Remnant with allusions to racial discrimination, poverty, drugs, and a society living under the ever-present threat of the Grimm and other various societal issues.

Can be read on and Archive Of Our Own


SHIT contains examples of the following tropes:

  • Academy of Adventure: Beacon Academy, as well as the other academies located in the various Kingdoms of Remnant.
  • Adaptation Deviation: While much of the canon of RWBY appears to have remained the same, many smaller and larger deviations have been made in order to flesh out implications and aspects of the world that weren't either shown or overtly apparent in RWBY.
  • Adaptation Expansion: RWBY canon has a lot of room left open for worldbuilding, and the authors take advantage of it. Overlaps with Adaptation Deviation.
  • Age-Down Romance: Subverted: in the past, Trent used his semblance to work as a 'child' escort with women who were...into that sort of thing.
  • Amazingly Embarrassing Parents: Samael's mother, a woman named Gabriel Ivory, takes Samael bringing Ruby with him to visit as him bringing a prospective girlfriend home and happily supports the possibility.
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  • Chuunibyou: Samael, and painfully so. He wears a trenchcoat woven from snakeskin belts and wields a katana/shuriken called Desolation Amaterasu.
  • Culture Blind: Weiss is absolutely racist toward Faunus, but is also just as ignorant of their plight. This is slowly changing.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: You can probably count the number of people who don't have some semblance of this on one hand.
  • Dual Age Modes: Trent's Semblance allows him to turn into a child and back.
  • Fantastic Racism: Unlike in canon, Faunus are genuinely treated as second-class citizens at best and the implications of such are explored a bit more.
  • Forgets to Eat: While Samael's snake Faunus physiology is partially to blame for this, the true reason for this is that he and his implied to be adoptive mother are well below the poverty line and he abused his physiology to ensure that she wouldn't starve to death for his sake.
  • Loss of Inhibitions: Hjøphiël's mere presence causes this in women, and he does not like it one bit since it always results in unwanted attention. Eventually gets a Semblance suppressing tool from Ozpin to make it a non-issue.
  • The Paranoiac: Blake qualifies as this, as she tends to instantly assume the worst of other people, can be abrasive when dealing with others, and often refuses to acknowledge when she messes up. Though given the fact that it's implied Menagerie isn't the paradise it is in RWBY canon and that Adam is implied to be more dangerous, there's good reason for this.
  • Poor Communication Kills: Nearly everyone is hiding something from someone else, often to the point of complicating things more than necessary.
  • Religious Bruiser: Ruby is outright religious, following an in-setting faith known as The Unchained. Though this particular trope stems more from the fact that Team HITS is largely unaware of the religion before arriving at Beacon Academy, and did not know that Ruby's outfit is quite normal for a follower.
  • Snake People: Samael is a snake Faunus. The snakeskin belts that comprise his trenchcoat are made from his skin.
  • Why Am I Ticking?: An unfortunate side-effect of Dust mining is the accumulation of Dust in the lungs due to unsafe work environments. Due to the victims being Faunus, they often go untreated. Unlike Coal Lung, which simply kills the victim, Dust Lung often results in violent elemental explosions that have a tendency to take out everything inside a substantial radius.