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  • StarClan has a prophecy about a newly born kit. This character fulfills the prophecy, and often ends up becoming Clan leader.
  • One that shows up a lot is the "New Clans" fic. In it, the author creates four new Clans separate from the main Clans and focuses on their adventures.
  • Another type of fic is the "Exiled Clan" fic. The author writes about another exiled Clan, similar to SkyClan.
  • What would happen if SkyClan showed up at the lake territory.
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  • Fics about what happens after The Last Hope are very common.
  • Writing about the kits of one of the main characters is an approach used often, as this happens in Warriors canon.
  • A kit is hated and neglected by its Clan for no reason (or a clearly shallow, arbitrary reason) but Shows Them All his purity of heart/badassery/worthiness and rises to become the greatest leader ever (Prophecies about the kit are optional but common). Both before and after a canon book used this template, it was extremely popular.
  • In 2018 the "Evil Spottedleaf AU" was created and caught on quickly. The specifics differ from fan to fan, but the general idea is that Spottedleaf orchestrates a lot of bad things that happen in the series while painting herself as heroic.
  • "Rusty doesn't join ThunderClan" fics are very commonplace. Either he joins another clan, joins an original clan, becomes a loner, or joins BloodClan.
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  • A self-insert human character turns into cat and joins a Clan. Or, a human with animorphism powers joins a Clan.
  • There are many fanfics revolving around a dog or wolf being adopted into a Clan.
  • The series is frequently crossed-over with other media featuring cat characters.
  • Something very common on Tumblr is to completely overhaul the series to be more accurate to cat biology and/or behavior. This usually overlaps with being a Fix Fic.
  • Amongst OC Clans, there are two commonly used in darker and/or more adult fanfics: BloodClan (unrelated to the canonical BloodClan) and LustClan. As their names suggest, they're used for ultra-violent and ultra-sexual fan-works.
  • Warriors, except the characters are either dogs or wolves. These existed even before Survivors came out.
  • Fix Fics where controversial cats (Appledusk and Ashfur being two common examples) are sent to the Dark Forest.
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  • AUs where Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze are Squirrelflight's biological kits.
  • An apprentice goes into heat and it's treated with the cat equivalent of First Period Panic.
  • Leafpool falls for Mothwing, not Crowfeather, and they run away together. They're also usually parents to the Three. Depending on the fan, either Crowfeather offers to be their surrogate or Mothwing is trans and sires Leafpool herself.
  • Snowkit survived and grew into the Dark Forest cat Snowtuft.
  • Fan-works emphasizing the relationship between cats and their adopted family, such as Cloudtail and his adopted siblings Ashfur and Ferncloud.
  • For those who didn't like Brambleclaw being named after his father, some fans prefer to use the Brambleflower after his mother Goldenflower.
  • Sandstorm Has Two Daddies: Redtail (who is transgender) and Runningwind.

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