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Fandom Specific Plot / Wings of Fire

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  • The protagonists having dragonets, who eventually go on to Jade Moutain Academy or recieve a prophecy.
  • Schools for special dragons(fireproof MudWings, firescales, animi, hybrids, etc.)in order to control their powers and meet dragons who are just like them.
  • What-if stories are popular, with topics such as what if Darkstalker wasn’t evil or what if Hvitur and Asha had survived.
  • Stories about the SkyWing Dragonet of Destiny surviving somehow.
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  • If one of the SandWing sisters were queen instead of Thorn and the impact it would’ve had on Pyrrhia.
  • Pantala and Pyrrhia when they were knowing of each others’ existence.
  • Forbidden love stories, mostly NightWing-IceWing ones.
  • The dragons of Pantala and Pyrrhia meeting up for the first time in thousands of years.
  • Crossovers with How to Train Your Dragon are quite popular.

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