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From one of the authors of Warrior Cats, this series about warring dragons turns out to crank up the comedy.

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    The First Arc 

The Dragonet Prophecy

  • The Dragonets of Destiny attempt to reinact the play when the SandWing sisters go to war with each other. Such highlights include:
    • Clay's scavenger noises: "Squeak, squeak, squeak! And other annoying scavenger noises!"
      • It's even funnier in the graphic novel, with Clay's dragon head on a human body in a mural acting.
    • Sunny parading around the room, pretending to be Queen Oasis. When she sees "the scavenger" (Clay), she yelps, but Tsunami says that she's not supposed to be scared.
    • The others perform their lines pretty well too.
    Glory: I, Blister, was about to challenge her (Queen Oasis)! I should be queen!
    Tsunami: I, Burn, am eldest and biggest! I should be queen!
    Starflight: I, Blaze, am the youngest and would have the longest reign! I should be queen!
    Tsunami: (snickers) And...?
    Starflight: (dully) And I am also by far the prettiest.
    • As they all laugh at Starflight for said above quote, even Sunny (who's supposed to be playing the now-dead queen) ends up Corpsing.
  • Even when Tsunami gets chained to a stalagmite, she sings "The Dragonets Are Coming" in a very loud and annoying voice to annoy Kestrel.

The Lost Heir

  • While accusing Tsunami of almost killing a SkyWing dragon, Glory sarcastically asks if they'd like to write graffiti on the body saying "DRAGONETS WUZ HERE".
  • Tsunami sees another SeaWing dragon and flashes her glowing stripes at him underwater. When they surface, the dragon (Riptide) reveals that Tsunami was flirting with him by accident. The message translates to "Hey, sparkling teeth, I totally love three of your claws but not the others, and I wish your nose was a herring so I can eat it, and also your wings sound like sharks snoring".
  • Even after she and the other dragonets are still held captive, Glory still can't stop snarking at Tsunami.
    Glory: (looking at Queen Coral's egg) Wow, they really do it real quick in the Sea Kingdom, don't they? So who's the lucky SeaWing?
  • A great sight gag from the graphic novel: Tsunami mentioning the Talons taught her history is shown by a scroll depicting terrified scavengers fleeing a dragon's fire.

The Hidden Kingdom

The Dark Secret

  • Clay's dreams about eating lots of food. He's sitting in a big room like the Ghost of Christmas Present, surrounded by all kinds of food like hippos, bears, cows, and many fruits and eating to his heart's delight.
    • When Starflight visits Glory's dream in the dreamvisitor, he remarks to Glory about how she and Tsunami were right: Clay does dream about food all the time.

The Brightest Night

  • Tsunami being described to be as diplomatic as an angry rhinoceros.

    The Second Arc 

Moon Rising

  • In the prey-center, where the dragons practice hunting prey, Clay shouts to the chickens to line up and stand still so that the dragons can eat them.
  • Darkstalker shows that he's turned into a Manchild over the past two thousand years by saying they could kill Glory and then says, "Ha, look at that! Evil dragon." Moon, however, thinks it's not funny, so Darkstalker asks, "Too Soon?"

Winter Turning

Escaping Peril

  • Peril is happy at being not able to burn anything up anymore and tries being menacing without the firescales, even practicing her growling. Scarlet's response?
    "You sound like you're digesting an overweight grizzly bear."
  • Cliff wants to see his mom Ruby fight Scarlet. Or in his words: "I WANT! TO SEE! MOMMY KILL GRANDMA!"
  • Once Peril is reunited with Moon and her friends, Winter asks harshly if Peril's not a threat anymore. So Peril thinks "MUSHROOMS AND MONGOOSES" as hard as she can at Moon, who giggles.

Talons Of Power

  • Darkstalker revealing that he's one of Sunny's distant ancestors.
    Darkstalker: Sunny! Get this! I'm your great-great-great-great-great-okay-I'm-losing-many-greats-great-uncle!

Darkness Of Dragons

  • Peril thinking that Qibli yelling at an animus bowl is a game, so she decides to join in.
    Peril: (yelling at the bowl) HEY BOWL! YOUR SHAPE IS INANE! FOOD PROBABLY FALLS OUT OF YOU ALL THE TIME! I BET YOU DON'T EVEN STACK WELL IN CABINETS! YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT, YOU'RE THE WORST! (to Qibli) Ooh, this is great. Let's do this everyday!
  • Winter's reason for believing that Darkstalker is good now is that he hasn't demanded to be king of the Night Wings. Cue the slate jumping and Turtle sending a message that says Daekstalker wants to be king of the Night Wings.








  • At one point in the book, Clearsight's friend Listener wants to Free the Frogs...that is, freeing scavengers used in their science classes. She even declares at one point that she doesn't need school to become an animal rights activist.

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