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iCarly Fandom Specific Plots are based around shipping. Each ship has specific plots that come up time and again:

  • Sam/Freddie:
    • Sam gets pregnant.
    • A popular one until the end of 2010 was having Sam and Freddie perform in a play (usually Romeo and Juliet) that turns into romance for them.
    • Variations on Ten Minutes in the Closet or Locked in a Room, which is arguably done in-universe when you consider how iOMG played out.
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    • Fix Fics of the aftermath of iSpeed Date. Usually involves Freddie realizing he doesn't love Carly, Sam bawling her eyes out, and Sam and Freddie declaring their undying love for each other. There are hundreds of these fics on alone.
    • Fix Fic reworkings of iLove You where they don't break up.
    • Sam being used as a invoked Possession Sue by Seddie fans who usually aren't quite past the "pick on someone you like" development period. Fics like this lean hard on the "Sam's abuse hides her secret feelings for Freddie" I Just Want to Be Loved angle.
    • Hurt/Comfort Fic stories that involve Rape as Drama.
    • A very specific type of Road Trip fanfic. It starts off with Carly having a super grown up sexy college boyfriend (usually Griffin) and going on a road trip, with them inviting Sam and Freddie along. Carly spends most of the story having wild sex with her boyfriend everywhere, while driving the car, during rest stops, at the hotels and in garage bathrooms, all of which Sam and Freddie happen to see. This makes Sam and Freddie uncomfortable and miserable as they only have each other for company, leading to bickering and eventually quiet retrospective moments, which leads to them making out and having sex; at which point Carly comes along and reveals that the entire purpose of the trip was to have them hook up.
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    • Fix Fics for the series finale iGoodbye where Sam kisses Freddie.
  • Carly/Freddie:
    • The "Root and Berry Retreat" type of fic was popular in the back half of 2009, as it was the only canon moment where they could be alone without any chance of interruption by Sam or Spencer.
    • Fix Fic reworkings of the episode iKiss so Carly kisses Freddie instead of Sam.
    • Stories about Carly's feelings during the Seddie arc.
    • Creddie Road Trip fics are usually about the pair of them visiting Sam during a college break. Sam usually has some random boyfriend who makes Carly and Freddie anxious because they haven't had the same thing. Eventually, all the little moments they've had during the trip work up to a world shattering kiss.
  • Sam/Carly:
    • Sam is a lesbian, Carly isn't. Hilarity Ensues, as does If It's You, It's Okay.
    • Carly realizes she's bisexual and in love with Sam. They fall in love, and a Coming-Out Story occurs afterwards.
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    • Sam has a fight with her mother and runs off to stay the night at Carly's, which leads to cuddling and love confessions.
    • Sam gets involved in legal troubles. A Hurt/Comfort Fic occurs.
    • Sam realizing she's not into boys after iKiss. This turns into her realizing that she's into Carly.
  • Freddie/Spencer: Turning Freddie's crush on Carly into bisexual confusion by adding a crush on Spencer as well, with Freddie fantasizing about Spencer in the same way he would Carly. Freddie tries to process the potential meaning of his thoughts about Spencer by talking with Carly. Carly will squee like a school girl (at either the idea of him crushing on Spencer or the idea that he might still like her) and will help him figure it out out by making out with him. His negative reaction makes him realize he actually has a crush on Spencer and that Carly's crush was a subconscious attempt at hiding his homosexuality.
  • Many Sam-centric romance stories (Spencer X Sam/Carly X Sam/Freddie X Sam) are fueled by Sam getting kicked out by her mother and moving in with the other person.
  • Spencer/Sam: Carly and Freddie leave Seattle to go to college, but Sam failed high school and got kicked out by her mom, so she moves in with Spencer. Romance ensues.
  • Vampire Fiction for both Creddie and Seddie shippers.
  • If a fanfic is a crossover with Drake & Josh it's almost certain that the plot will revolve around Carly really being Megan and having been kidnapped by Crazy Steve (due to having the same actress and actor, respectively). Sometimes she genuinely doesn't remember her past, but usually she is faking.
  • Crossover material with School of Rock often have Summer and Carly as long-lost twins (again, same actress).

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