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The Famous Last Words of contestants who have been eliminated across the series. Obvious spoilers ahead. note 

Fuzzy Memories: Total Drama Island


  • "...T-This isn't attractive at all...You're going to regret messing up my face!" -Kaden
  • "You have a safe time here...Alfred." -Ace
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  • "But...I'd be happy to have coffee with you as a friend." -Freya
  • "I'm good...This is a mistake..." -Sage
  • ""...I'm gonna miss all of you guys. I hope all of you can make it far in this, and thank you for this amazing experience. You're quite literally the best bunch of friends I've ever had." -Alfred
  • "I'll give it some thought." -Benson
  • "Catch 'ya later, dude, and when you do I'll be a brand new person, and I'll listen and stuff." -Alia
  • "B-Bar-" -Brick
  • "...H-Hey-" -Nedrick
  • "Goodbye everyone, good luck." -Brooke
  • "Bye miss host lady. You were very nice to me during my stay." -Quincy
  • "I accept your previous offer by the way. Goodbye now." -Violet
  • ""And good luck winning this thing Cyn, I'll be rooting for you and Bari the whole time, so make sure you rock this thing!" -Chad
  • "Goodbye everyone. Make sure to try your hardest in this game for me." -Juvia
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  • "I believe you have the skills to win, so good luck, and I'll be rooting for you...Also, remind the others they can look now." -Mimi
  • "...I know...Seeya everyone, I look forward to seeing which one of you comes out on top." -Isabel
  • "Thank you Doc, and I don't think you're that bad either...Goodbye everyone, I hope to see you all soon!" -Bari
  • "I can't move my feet." -Kanaya
  • "Goodbye now, good luck and best wishes. I hope to see you all soon." -Cynthia
  • "Anyways, I'll be by the dock waiting to leave if anyone needs me. Good job or whatever to whoever won." -Doc
  • "Goodbye my grand fire knight of the Wawanakwa valley! Until we meet again, the great and powerful Tempest shall be waiting!" -Tempest
  • "Yeah, but we'll get through it...Together." -Gareth
  • "It feels very nice, Tempest...Thank you...For everything." -Zetsu
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  • "Still...We all agree 'dis entire island can go to hell, right?" -Nazira


  • "Note to self, never join another stupid show like this again." -Kaden
  • "I do wonder though, if I would have just been able to learn about that earlier...How far would I have gone?" -Ace
  • "Yeah...I'm gonna need a minute." -Freya
  • "I guess on the bright side there are some people who are nice to talk to, and maybe working on how I approach others would help me a lot in actually keeping a decent job...Even if most of the time people are annoying jerks." -Sage
  • "Who knows, maybe I'll even end up being cool and getting a girlfriend...Probably not, but hey, nice thought, am I right?" -Alfred
  • "I don't know, give me a call in a few years and see if I've changed." -Benson
  • "On another bright note, I made some pretty decent friends, I got to show off myself on national television, and I think I might have a better relationship with my parents once I get back home...Hopefully I won't be grounded for running away, stealing dad's credit card, and not giving them any sort of contact that I would be back...Wish me luck!" -Alia
  • "So watch out world, because a nicer Brick is coming your way!" -Brick
  • "Still though...Thanks for accepting me producers, you have my undying gratitude!" -Nedrick
  • "Maybe now I can start enjoying the fact that I will be semi-famous for a good two months, before some idiot does something stupid that causes a large reaction, or the world ends...Whichever comes first." -Brooke
  • "That and Brooke wants to apparently show me a ton of stuff that she does in her hometown, so I'll be having some new experiences soon too...I do wonder what a mouth gift is though." -Quincy
  • "I arrived with a destiny that I was sure would be brought about and nothing more, but...Instead I also made a friend in a dumb puppet girl and found a boyfriend in a similarly dumb lion with multiple personalities...They're also the only people I've ever met who I actually care about, so if any of you hurt them after this show...You're already dead." -Violet
  • "Seeya later, dudes!" -Chad
  • "I admit I'm not really that smart, but...I think I'm fine with that in a weird way, because I have something better than a big brain...Truly amazing friends...Thank you, Total Drama Island." -Juvia
  • "Now I actually have some things to look forward to in life." -Mimi
  • "Not to mention...I met possibly the most confusing, loud, and interesting girl I have ever met in my life...I hope that it stays that way, because I don't want her leaving my side anytime soon now." -Isabel
  • "Sure, there were some rocky situations with voting, and some certain people, but those were all easily resolved, and now I can leave knowing I was able to have fun and be happy!" -Bari
  • "It's going to be real sad saying goodbye to this place, but I know I can leave happy and satisfied, even without winning the money." -Kanaya
  • "Things didn't really go my way this summer, but I made some really great friends who I wouldn't trade for the world, I learned some...Interesting things about myself, and I feel that being on here really did do me some good." -Cynthia
  • "Anyways, besides that, all I want to say is...I hate all of you equally, I know how to make bombs and am a potential sociopath, I have no real morality towards hurting annoying losers, and most of all...Kids out there, remember to do one thing for me...Ask your mother how that mailman felt as he plowe-" -Doc
  • "Look out monsters, demons, and cruel beats of the night, for I am the great and powerful warrior, Tempest, ruler of this mortal world and now present defender of all who live on it, and in the names of all that is grand and mighty, you shall be destroyed my electric sorcery!" -Tempest
  • "She's so nice to me, and she kind of acts like...Like the mom I always wanted, just someone who cares and plays with me...She even offered me a job to be professionally good looking...How does that work?" -Gareth
  • "That girl will actually live with me, and I hope that even after this show...I can make her the happiest she can be." -Zetsu
  • "So... I guess all I can truly say is...Goodbye Total Drama Island...And 'danks for all 'da 'dings 'ya did for me." -Nazira

Fuzzy Memories: Total Drama Action


  • "Sorry for having to cut this off early folks, but I got some freaks and geeks to trick into giving me some mula!" -Jiao
  • "...T-Thank you...Everyone..." -Bari
  • "Gein...Please talk to me again…I miss you..." -Gareth
  • "...Tempest failed team...Couldn't control herself...Accept either fate..." -Tempest
  • "Huh...Never thought I'd hear something like that...Good luck...Whoever you are...Kidding...I'll see you around, Freya." -Nova

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