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Nightmare Fuel / Fuzzy Memories

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The Nightmare Fuel page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • "Camp Castaways": Juvia being all alone on the deserted island, before beginning to hear an out of nowhere and creepy voice begin to speak to her, telling her how useless she was as a friend. While it is more a Tear Jerker than anything, the fact that this comes out of nowhere in a Breather Episode and basically leaves Juvia in a state of genuine horror and silence can leave some viewers at least a little unnerved.
  • "Hook, Line, and Screamer":
    • The scene where Doc is suddenly dragged off into the forest, leaving behind a destroyed movie screen and scattered about chairs in the process. Upon Mimi returning after hearing his screams of terror, all she finds is the mess that remains after the attack, with no signs of Doc or anyone else.
    • Later on in the episode, Doc decides to mess with the remaining players in the challenge by pretending to be a dead body near the beach. When someone comes across him, he is actually knocked out in the process, leaving him completely motionless, and due to his status as a ghost, without a pulse as well. When Zetsu starts believing the entire challenge may not be a joke, he actually starts freaking out at the body, completely terrified and possibly even traumatized by the sight of his "dead" friend.
  • "Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island": The sadistic wild Steelix attacking and nearly outright murdering Tempest in front of her boyfriend, all while he can only watch from the side in horror. After it seems like she had actually died, Zetsu actually starts crying, before collapsing onto the ground as he screamed out for Tempest in the hope she was okay. Sure, she ended up being fine, but just imagining how that must have felt for Zetsu is terrifying in it's own right.
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  • "Alien Ressurr-eggtion": Alfred's cameo scene of the episode involves him acting as the Sole Survivor of the alien attack on the ship the contestants are in, and the words he speaks about the attack in question are unsettling and even a little creepy to say the least.
  • "Masters of Disasters": The entire scene involving Bari's injury is genuinely terrifying to see unfold, as he is left bleeding and crying on the ground as he is barely able to hold his broken jaw together, while everyone around him is left running around in an attempt to try and help him.
  • "Full Metal Drama":
    • During the middle of the challenge, Droog ultimately reveals to Kaden that he peeked inside the chest they were guarding, revealing what he found inside...A series of files all focused around Kaden and everything he's gone through. What Droog tells him afterwards goes on to essentially majorly fuck with Kaden's head to a point he nearly strangles Droog to death. But besides that, the fact that the hosts or producers were still able to find a way to get their hands on such personal information without Kaden even seemingly being aware can be downright terrifying to think about.
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    • Tempest loses control of her strength, accidentally sending what could be compared to an actual bomb towards Droog. Soon after, Droog gets out of the rubble...Only for it to be revealed that he had a glass eye that had been shattered during the attack, leaving what remains of his actual eye hanging out in the open as he begins to scream out in horror at the fact he had lost the one thing that kept him looking at least a little normal.

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