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Even Evil Has Standards / Harley Quinn (2019)

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Harley Quinn (2019)

  • Played for Laughs when Doctor Psycho is kicked out of the Legion of Doom for calling Wonder Woman and his wife Giganta (who divorces him) the c-word on national television, with Lex Luthor saying in a press conference that his behavior "doesn't represent their brand of evil". Later, it is revealed even Darkseid thinks Psycho using the c-word is in bad taste.
    • However, it should be noted that this was more Hypocritical Humor on the Legion's part, as they are just as sexist, if not more so, than even Psycho (they only have one female member, Cheetah, and Luthor can't even bother remembering her name). It's just they won't stoop to calling their enemies by that word.
  • Several of the villains are horrified by the Queen of Fables' mass-murdering tendencies to the point where even King Shark, who occasionally eats people, faints when she has The Three Little Pigs eat the evidence of one of her massacres.
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  • This is one of the defining elements of Poison Ivy's characterization, to the point she's hardly evil even though she's an Eco-Terrorist. Whereas Ivy's counterparts in the comics, other cartoons, and films are often sadistic fanatics who use saving the environment as an excuse to hurt people, this version is motivated solely by saving the Earth. While she's still considered a misanthrope, she doesn't go out of her way to kill whenever she wants and keeps trying to act as Harley Quinn's moral compass. Ivy even repeatedly complains about being considered evil even though all she wants is to protect the environment.
    Harley: Yeah, says the girl who dissolved the head of ACE Chemicals in a bath of his own herbicide.
    Ivy: Best Earth Day ever. [chuckles]
  • Harley picks up an unknown ray gun to shoot a goon in "Dye Hard". Turns out it's a Cancer Ray, as in, it gives people cancer. Harley is both confused and horrified by its existence. She might be nuts, but she's a doctor. Inflicting cancer on people is against her principles.
    Harley: Why would they even make this?!
  • When Harley announces her decision to murder Robin after everyone now thinks he's her Arch-Enemy, this earns a shocked reaction from Ivy and the others but for different reasons.
    • Ivy argues that while she knows Harley could kill Robin, she shouldn't because it'd make everyone believe he was her nemesis after all. So it's more that Ivy pragmatically believes Harley needs to avoid the temptation because it would only ruin Harley's reputation.
    • Psycho, Clayface, and King Shark are all shocked more because, as King Shark points out, killing Robin would make her a child murderer and thus would be crossing the Moral Event Horizon. In fact, when the three help Harley stage her plan to make Robin admit he's not her Arch-Enemy the three are perfectly aware they're only planning to scare the kid.
  • The presence of Victor Zsasz (and Killer Croc) in Bane's prison would indicate that serial killers (and cannibals) aren't tolerated by the Injustice League.


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