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Season 1

    Til Death Do Us Part 
  • The series opens with the Joker posing as a stereotypical Rich Jerk toasting several other wealthy snobs in front of a huge pile of money that Joker says they got by "fucking the poor!"
  • Ivy giving Harley relationship advice...during a fight with the guards at Arkham Asylum.
    • Ivy casually resetting Harley's broken nose during said fight without either of them deviating at all from the subject.
  • Calendar Man can remember exactly how long Harley has been in prison, but isn't even sure what month his son was born in. His wife chastises him for knowing more about the "porn clown" than his own son.
    • He can even remember it while staging a prison riot.
      "Oh hi - exactly one year today, Ivy!" (throws Molotov)
  • Calendar Man's son tries to give him a cactus, causing the guards to freak out and burn it so Ivy can't control it. Then they yell at him and say it's no wonder his father doesn't remember his birthday.
  • Joker says that the Riddler's gimmick is "being the world's most indirect asshole."
  • Harley tempts the Joker with a Reese Witherspoon movie, and Joker says "it's Legally Blonde or I'm out".
    Harley: It's Sweet Home Alabama.
    The Joker: This. Day. SUUUUUCKS!!!
  • Ivy shows up to help Harley defeat the Joker and his thugs only to find that she has managed to hold her own against him just fine, and decides to ask what she wants for takeout. The mundanity of the conversation is hilarious:
    Ivy: Hey, I was just gonna see if you need any help, but ya seem good, love the new look, gonna go pick up some Thai food, text me what you want?
    Harley: No, wait, I'll have a green potato curry! Mmmm.
    Ivy: Yeah but I sai- j-j-just text it to me.
    Harley: But you're right here.
    Ivy: Yeah, but I'm not gonna remember it, and then you won't like what I get you [Harley pouts] and you're gonna want some of mine.
    Harley: Ugh.
    Ivy: Just...just fuckin' text it.
  • Harley confronts the Riddler to kill him, just as Batman shows up to stop him, and stops in the middle of his heroic monologue in confusion over Harley being there.
  • Harley and Batman both guess the answer to his riddle (Acid) before he could even finish saying the entire riddle.
  • This being Gotham, the threat of an Acid bath doesn't hold the weight that it used to...
    Harley: (excitedly) Is this the good kinda acid that gives you superpowers!?
    Riddler: No!
    Harley: Awwww...
    • Later on, we find out the "acid" was actually margarita mix, and Poison Ivy laments how hard it was to find enough of the stuff to fill two huge vats. Riddler smugly responds that she should've gotten a Costco membership card like he suggested, only for Ivy to respond that it wouldn't be worth the price since she only shops there once a year anyway.

     A High Bar 
  • The Joker goes on Howie Mandel's TV show and announces that he's the one who broke up with Harley, not the other way around. Joker then proceeds to blow up Howie with a suicide belt, angering Harley and Ivy even further.
    • Harley, Ivy and Frank's reactions of horror upon seeing Joker target Howie is priceless.
  • Harley tries to get Ivy to go face the Joker with her by telling her she'd have the chance to test out a love potion. Ivy corrects her by saying it's a pheromone that causes the victim to fall in love with her and then die by turning into a plant. To which both Harley and Frank both say:
    Frank/Harley: Right. A love potion.
  • Bane's coffee mug reads "Coffee is my reckoning."
  • Bane decides to blow up Gotham Stadium because he got a question wrong while playing bar trivia.
  • Also Bane has the, uh, Bane voice. That accent has never and will never be taken seriously ever again.
  • When Kite Man introduces himself, he activates the kite on his back, accidentally shoving a little girl into the punch bowl behind them. Then he does it to the same girl again later in the episode.
  • Throughout the episode, Joker is shown arguing with contractors about the specifics about constructing a new evil lair, factoring in permission from city hall for trapdoors or not being able to build in a residential area. Turns out building a lair means going through A LOT of red tape.
    • Compounding this, he even points out the absurdity of asking permission from city hall about his secret lair.
      "I need a permit for a trap door? The whole point is no one is supposed to know about it! Especially the city!"
  • At the bar mitzvah, Penguin bluntly admits that he's basically forcing his nephew to carry on the family business. Joshua, however, seems like he’s enjoying it, anyway.
  • Harley tries to make a getaway by doing her usual trademark acrobatic front-flips, only for Penguin to hit her in the neck with a tranquiliser dart. She immediately falls flat on her face.
  • While searching the apartment for an antidote to her love potion, Ivy sees a trail of Kite Man's clothes leading to the bedroom, and of course finds him naked in her bed. Apparently, Frank saw him doing this, but decided not to say anything because he wanted to see where things were going.
  • The guests are all appalled that Harley ruined the bar mitzvah... but they couldn't care less that she just maimed an improv troupe.
  • Harley and Ivy being sugary and polite when Mrs. Cobblepot is around.
    • Later on when she gives them their party favors (in the form of green sacks with dollar signs on them) they cheerfully thank her in their best "adorable good little girl" voice. This coming from Ivy, a Deadpan Snarker nigh-supreme misanthrope that had to be psychoanalyzed into standing people.
      Mrs. Cobblepot: Such sweet girls.

     So You Need a Crew? 
  • When Joker has his mooks throw Harley off the train we can see her pouting as she's falling down a Wiley Coyote-esqe giant cliff.
  • Ivy's reaction to Kite Man being able to attract the bar thugs to join his heist:
    Harley: Then they all ran off with that loser Kite Man!
    Poison Ivy: Yeah, what a loser that guy is. Did he mention my name?
  • Doctor Psycho calling Wonder Woman a c*nt is so shocking that everyone stops to stare, a dog stops peeing (twice), birds stop flying, and the Earth itself stops spinning. And it happens again when he does the same during a talk show.
    • There's also the fact that despite this being an adult-oriented series where the characters say 'fuck' and 'shit' all the time, 'c*nt' is always bleeped out.
  • Clayface's epic comeback to Doctor Psycho.
    Clayface: The name is Clayface, Thespian extraordinaire recently portraying the juicy role of country boy bartending in the big city!
    Doctor Psycho: I thought you were playing the role of literal piece of shit.
    Clayface: Not yet. (transforms into Doctor Psycho) NOW I'm a literal piece of shit!
  • Maxie Zeus referring to Harley as a juggalo.
  • The Legion of Doom is a cabal of ruthless, criminal, megalomaniac super villains who threaten the world for petty reasons on a regular basis, yet misogyny is where they draw the line.
    • Hence their banishing of Doctor Psycho from the Legion of Doom, the Legion of Doom Europe, and the Junior Doomers of America.
  • Harley’s heist plan requires Clayface to distract Maxie Zeus by impersonating the mailman. Clayface eagerly makes up a convoluted, elaborate backstory for his character, and makes up a new one even when Harley vetoes his “trapped in a cage” idea.
    • The character idea he goes with is Zeus’s long lost son from a fling with a girl from a piano bar. Surprisingly enough, it actually seems to work at first, until Zeus starts falsely mentioning characteristics of the woman that he expects their son to inherit and Clayface conspicuously starts altering his disguise to accommodate those. By the time Harley and Doctor Psycho find them, Clayface’s mailman character is a deformed hunchback with a peg leg and a lisp.

     Finding Mr. Right 
  • Harley wishes that her nemesis was someone "with hair on his chest" as opposed to Robin. Ivy's response gets funnier the longer you think about it.
    Ivy: That rules out Batman. Catwoman says he waxes everything.
  • Harley complains about the overpriced subscription to the Daily Planet. When she kidnaps Lois and Superman shows up, he thinks she's mad about the subscription price.
    Superman: Is she mad about the paywall too? Seven-ninety-nine is an ambitious price point, and it doesn't include the crossword, which is ridic.
  • Damian shows up to fight Harley at the Daily Planet and blasts through the wall... on a flying hoverboard of all things.
  • Superman tries to coach Damian before he fights Harley, like a parent telling their kid not to be nervous on their first date.
  • Batman subdues King Shark with his trusty Shark Repellent.
  • The reaction shots of various heroes and villains watching the show.
    • When Ivy shows up to save Harley, we cut to a completely random shot of Kite Man at the bar head-bobbing and singing Tawny's theme tune while the patron next to him just stares.
    • Just before Joker breaks in, we cut to the Cobblepots watching the show.
      Joshua: Kill him, Ivy!
    • Superman and Lois are watching a television while on a date in a sushi restaurant. Lois is shocked by the events, while Superman just shrugs and keeps eating.
    • Aquaman's watching the fight on his phone in the (underwater) bathroom
    • Finally, Wonder Woman is in her home eating (her brand) cereal while dressed in her pajamas. And she has a milk mustache.
  • Ivy swears on Tawny's show and asks, "Am I going to be bleeped?"
  • Ivy gets the drop on Batman, but gets distracted scolding the talk show audience about proper recycling techniques, allowing him to escape.
    • Clayface, King Shark and Dr. Psycho sneak away from the fight and hide in the audience. When Batman breaks out of Ivy's trap, King Shark actually gets up and starts clapping with the crowd before Clayface pushes him back into his seat.
  • The fact that Batman is trying to be a conscientious father to Damian is sweet (if not a little awkward), but bringing him his "favorite" - a grilled-cheese sandwich with the Robin symbol on it - as an ice-breaker definitely makes it funny.
    • Damian points out that he didn't make his favorite dish, but he had Alfred make it.
      Batman: I made him make it...
    • The way Batman tries to cheer up Damian up is that he tries to assure him that he didn't have a nemesis until his late-twenties and that he shouldn't rush into things, the Foe Romance Subtext of the episode making it sound like The Talk. Damian then lampshades this by flat-out changing the subject and asking him when he can start having sex.
      Batman: Er, I think I can hear the bat-signal. [Batman grappling-hooks away.]

     Being Harley Quinn 
  • The realtor takes Harley and Ivy to a volcano lair to see if they'll buy it. A hooded man drops an innocent person into said volcano even after the the person said he "got a family". Why? Because it was a "staging kill" to see if they're into volcano sacrifices. Harley almost buys it but changes her mind after realizes the giant skull the volcano is shaped into is flashy for her brand.
  • Once they enter Harley's mind, Dr. Psycho informs everyone to abide by "hooker rules". Ivy assumes this to mean "no kissing on the lips," so he corrects it to "stripper rules" (no touching).
    • The joke comes back again when Harley is the one who sets off her mind's defences, and points out that she was only touching herself, which is following stripper rules.
  • Harley tells Ivy there might be something deeply wrong with her mind.
    Ivy: Okay, I say this with love, but there's no way you're just realizing this now.
  • Harley had a huge crush on Frankie Muniz as a child. How huge? She planned to kidnap him, marry him, and then pretend to be on birth control so he'd knock her up without realizing it.
  • Harley's memory of her graduation has her throwing cluster f-bombs at everybody! Dr Psycho remarks that he gave the same speech at his sister's wedding.
  • Sy is giving some potential tenants a tour when they come across the comatose and seemingly dead bodies of Harley and her crew splayed across the living room wearing "Suicide Squad" t-shirts.

     You're a Damn Good Cop Jim Gordon 
  • Jim uses the Bat-Signal to call Batman, not because its an emergency, but because he's having personal troubles and needs a friend he can talk to.
  • A large part of the episode centers around Jim befriending Clayface's sentient right hand. The jokes just write themselves.
  • Dr Psycho meets his ex-wife Giganta, who now has a hunky boyfriend named Brad who, to Psycho's fury, has exceptional tongue skills. He manages to get Ivy aroused!
    • For that matter, Ivy asking "how you two [Psycho and Giganta] worked sexually".
      Doctor Psycho: NOT GREAT!
  • In a shocking subversion of Police are Useless, the moment King Shark walks into the station as the intended Trojan Prisoner, the police immediately shoot him with a tranquilizer, repeatedly kick his unconscious body, and ship him off to prison. All in the span of seconds.

    The Line 
  • Queen of Fables is good for a lot of black comedy.
    • When Clayface sees the carnage of the family reunion, he pulls his eyes out of his head and throws them away.
    • She summons the three little pigs to eat bodies. Darkly humorous in its own right considering pigs will actually eat people if given the chance, but she also mentions that the three blind mice will "gnaw the shit out of a skull."
    • Her "end the bloodline" spiel.

  • Doctor Psycho, first after being beaten up by a tentacle, then finding out it's Sy's sister, says two variations of "I'm gonna need you to explain that". The first is "I'm gonna need you to go ahead and explain that," and the second is "Yeah, I'm definitely gonna need you to explain that." And the delivery is glorious.
  • The Legion of Doom is in a legal battle with a sex shop called "The Legion of Dildos" down the street, which is obviously ripping off their name.
  • Bane calls the ocean the world's toilet. He's immediately booed by the audience and begins complaining that Political Correctness is killing comedy.
  • Even though Aquaman is king of the sea, he can still burn people:
    King Shark: You're not my Dad!
    Aquaman: That is contrary to what she said.
    • The fact that a dolphin jumps out of the water just to give Aquaman something to high-five.
  • Black Manta said he needed a bigger helmet, and here he's got the biggest one ever seen on him.
  • When Aquaman breaks a fish tank in his fight with Harley, a fish goes "oh shit!"
    • Later on, Aquaman is frantically picking up fish to save, Harley recommends a pool at YMCA and Aquaman raves at her that it's a chlorinated pool, he can't throw saltwater fish in there!
    • Bane stomping on Aquaman's fish just because he can.
      Bane: Look! I am stomping on your fish!
      Aquaman: Bane Stop it!
  • Clayface, upon seeing the monster that was once Sy's sister, gives us this gem:
    Clayface: I can't even imagine what it must be like to go through life a giant, deformed thing!
    * Sy, Harley, King Shark and Doctor Psycho stare at him for a beat*
    Psycho: [very softly] You can't? You can't imagine?
  • KGBeast has spare hands he can use to replace his regular robot hand. One is a spoon, for eating soup. Another is a robot hand permanently stuck Flipping the Bird, which he promptly reveals when Harley gets the nomination instead of him.

    A Seat at the Table 
  • Bane tries to do the "pick a card" trick to Harley for her membership party, only to botch it.
    Bane: Fuck!
    • Bane as a magician in general, complete with a top hat, but especially his reaction when Lex says there was no time left in the League of Doom presentation for his magic tricks.
      Lex Luthor: Oh, and my apologies to Bane, who wanted to do some magic.
      Bane: [genuinely disappointed] It was going to be a spectacle.
  • Lex Luthor's reaction to Bane mentioning 's'plosions.
    "I have no idea what the fuck "s'plosions" are, Bane, but we do have explosives."
  • The Legion gets sidetracked bickering over whether it's possible to make a sequel to Up.
    Lex Luthor: They don't need to do a sequel, the story was finished with the first one.
    Scarecrow: What if the kid grows up to be the old man in the next one?
    Bane: Ooh! That's fun!
  • Harley and Joker's romantic dinner is on a yacht... that they tied up the owners of. The owners are still there, sitting on the floor. After they get a little too noisy and lippy, Joker and Harley throw them into a life boat and set them adrift.
  • Bane is driven to blow up a smoothie place when the guy taking his orders keeps getting his name wrong. Later it turns out the Joker actually paid him to do it.
  • King Shark's morphine-induced version of the "Boy who Cried Wolf", about "the Fish who cried Orca".
    King Shark: Instead of a boy, it's a fish, and instead of a wolf...
    Harley Quinn: It's an orca.
    King Shark: No! It's a wolf *named* Orca. But it can swim, which is *terrifying*!
    • He is unable to join the rest of the crew in walking away from Harley, because he has a catheter in. But as soon as he's able to urinate normally, he's out!
  • Joker throws a pastry at Black Manta, who immediately produces tiny windshield wipers from his helmet to wipe his lenses clean.

  • Ivy bantering with the Mook who's looking after her. He's a kindergarten teacher that's 'gooning' on the side to earn extra money for art supplies.
    • He refuses to let her go because it would lower his rating on 'Goon Review'.
    • At one point he gets a phone call from a concerned parent. He takes it outside and explains that the child told an adult joke in class, about a potato who is a whore. Figure that one out.
    • Later, he's looking through Ivy's phone at Harley's texts. He points out that their friendship is slightly toxic and that Ivy would probably be better off without Harley. Ivy refuses to listen to that, so the goon says he's just going to "rip that band-aid right off"... and he rips off an actual band-aid Ivy had on her arm. Ivy is relieved. Then he sends the equivalent of a break-up text to Harley.
  • Harley's grandmother comes to join the family for dinner, sadly announcing that she has brain cancer and might not be around much longer... right before her head explodes. A sniper is trying to shoot Harley, but according to her father...
    Nick Quinzel: Jesus, that's an aggressive form of brain cancer!
    • Which becomes funnier when you remember that Harley's family is Jewish.
    • The gag repeats later when Harley's grandfather comes around, happy that Harley is in town and that grandma is dead. Grandpa apparently has high blood pressure and a heart condition... so naturally the next sniper puts a massive hole in his chest.
      Nick: Jesus, that high blood pressure is no joke!
  • The socially conscious mobsters discussing which cliched Italian-American phrases they should stop using because they promote hurtful stereotypes of Italians. As well as the leader admonishing one of his henchmen for calling Harley Quinn a "fucking bitch" after she breaks his nose.
    Mobster: Hey, whoa, we can be respectful *while* killing her. *pulls out gun and starts shooting at Harley*
  • Frank comes to get Harley (with his 'pot-guy' in the back seat) and she passes out from her wounds. When she wakes up, she sees her sane self in the car mirror, and...
    Harley: How much of this am I hallucinating?
    Dr. Quinzel: Just me. Weirdly, the passed-out guy with the boner and the talking plant driving a car are both real.
  • The episode ends not on the Cliffhanger of what is happening to Ivy, but on The Reveal on who put out a bounty on Harley... Which turns out to be Joshua, having charged it to the Legion's credit card and being scolded by Bane for it.
    Bane: The credit card is for emergencies only, but your bill is all candies and wape pens and something suspiciously labelled "dolphin encounter"! When you put out a hit, you pay in cash!
    Joshua: Okay, fine, I'll cancel it!
    Bane: Already done, because I am this credit card's reckoning! I am cutting this card, and I am cutting it in half— *Tries cutting the card in half with childproof scissors* ...These blades are dull. I will bend it!
    Joshua: Don't do that!
    Bane: Too late! Do you think I want to be 'Credit Card Pain Man'? I have dreams, too!

     Harley Quinn Highway 
  • Ivy escapes in the Cold Open, picks up one of the goons' guns, and starts shooting them. She states how grateful she is for the "God-damn second amendment"... then immediately follows it up by saying she naturally supports background checks and common-sense gun control laws.
  • When Harley goes to get her crew back...
    • Clayface has joined the Riddler's crew. Unfortunately, his thespian nature has him interrupting his boss on live television, which annoys the Riddler so much that he simply announces the answer to his riddle so Batman will hurry up and find them. Riddler then practically demands Harley take Clayface away with her.
    • Dr. Psycho has set himself up as a fortune teller at a carnival. He tells a young woman the number she's thinking of... and that her significant other has been banging his secretary Denise.
    • King Shark is actually helping Denise hack her boss' computer, for some reason.
      • Denise and her boss reappear later, with him having left his SO for Denise. Who promptly gets eaten by tree monsters. The man seems more 'mildly disappointed' than 'horrified and heartbroken'.
  • Harley gives a very heart-felt speech to her former crew in order to get them to help her. They decline. Frank then chimes in that Ivy is actually the one who needs their help, and suddenly everyone is on board.
  • The episode introduces a new Running Gag of Clayface waterfall-puking a bunch of clay, only for it to get re-absorbed into his body. To the disgust of his teammates.
  • The scene of the crew entering Ivy's brain is almost identical to them entering Harley's brain, down to them all clenching their ass-cheeks (with close-ups).
    • And before Doctor Psycho calls Harley an idiot for knocking Ivy out before they do so, as she assumed she had to be out cold for the trip to work, only for him to inform her they didn't and she just punched her best friend out for no reason.
  • Frank appears inside Ivy's brain as a guide for the crew, and acts like the Cheshire Cat mixed with Deadpool.
  • Sy's ability to turn into a sedan, besides being horrifying to watch, was apparently created In-Universe because the CIA was inspired by Transformers.
  • The eponymous Harley Quinn Highway (apparently the name's changed again since episode 3, probably came with the presumed remodelling), which bizarrely looks like something from Hot Wheels Acceleracers. Harley even set up a rocket launcher drop that makes a Mario Kart noise, just because.
    Doctor Psycho: Good God! Tax dollars actually paid for this?
    • Other features of the highway include: a giant statue of Harley posing with her bat; a loop-de-loop; a motherfucking starting line like this is some kind of racing game; and functioning on/off ramps.
  • Clayface's "they poisoned Ivy" line with everyone's not funny expression.

     Devil's Snare 
  • The taxpayers paid to give the Gotham PD tanks, and Gordon really wants to use them. He pouts like a child when Batman vetoes the idea, complains on the news about the decision, then hops in one anyway.
  • The Justice League come to the rescue. Harley is less than impressed.
    Harley: Hey, nice save, Jerkoff League.
    Superman: That's not our name, at all.
  • When Ivy hits on the brainwave to use Wonder Woman's lasso to compel her to tell the truth (and thus proving they aren't responsible for the giant tree monsters attacking Gotham), she starts telling a lot of the truth.
    Ivy: We didn't do it. We aren't responsible for the tree monsters. I secretly watch Nascar. I take long showers. I think paper straws are stupid and get too soggy. I was excited for Jazz Fest. [cries out in agony as the lasso glows] Fine. I was very excited for Jazz Fest!
  • Ivy turns into a giant and rescues Harley from a giant tree monster, catching her as she falls. While holding Harley in the palm of her hand, she nonchalantly makes this observation, which appears to be a nod to the, ahem, weirder side of Batman porn:
    Ivy: Wouldn't it be messed up if I ate you right now?
    • Even funnier is that there does in fact exist a comic in which Ivy eats Harley. Admittedly it's during a Mushroom Samba, but still.
  • Queen of Fable's head pops off like a cork after Harley hits it with a bat. Harley is dumbfounded to how fragile she was.
    • For that matter, her saying, "Props!" with a rather impressed tone of voice once she realizes she's been bested, and her decapitated head's slightly disgusted, "Ah, *fuck*".
  • Despite being a mass murderer, the Joker does not approve of alcoholism, and decries that it is early on a Wednesday when the Queen of Fable's complains that the celebration drink is weak.
  • "THIRTY BUCKS IF YOU PUT ME IN YOUR POCKET!...what? I got a type, you knew this."
  • Ivy trying to distract Harley by asking how big she thinks the giant's dick is, and Harley not letting herself get distracted from asking about Kite Man while admitting she does actually want to talk about it. And then later, when Joker is chewing out Queen of Fables for not killing Harley outright, Queen's defence that "that big-dicked giant kills everything".
  • Clayface tries to distract the Big Bad Wolf (who is dressed in grandma's clothing) through disguising himself as Grandfather Wolf. Who is, for some reason, Jewish.
    Clayface: Oy! Bubbeh, it is I, Grandfather Wolf!
    Doctor Psycho: Okay. First, that's a male wolf, dressed like an elderly human female. Second, why is your wolf Jewish?
    Clayface: ...I took a swing.

    The Final Joke 
  • The gang’s attempt to fool Joker into thinking they caught Batman for him, when it is really Clayface in disguise, is ruined when Harley songs “Happy Birthday” to Joker, and Clayface can’t resist breaking into song and completely blowing his cover.
  • After Scarecrow prematurely unmasks Batman, Joker goes on a tirade on how "half the fun" of their rivalry was not knowing that Batman was "some boring rich asshole with parental issues". He's so depressed about it that instead of twisting the knife on Bruce's traumatic childhood as he had done in past storylines, he instead demands to know why WayneTech hasn't delivered on an electric car they promised last year. He put a deposit down on it, too.
    Joker: Where's m'goddamn electric car, Bruce?!
    Bruce: (has a "you have got to be fucking kidding me" look on his face)
    • For that matter, Batman's response to being called a "boring rich asshole with parental issues":
      Batman: That's really reductive.
    • Joker's depression even has him lamenting that he misses the fun times without realizing he keeps referencing Harley, and when he asks "What is wrong with me?" when even torturing Batman bores him:
      Joker: It was rhetorical, asshole! Who do you think you are, a psychiatrist?!
      • Even better is when Harley calls him a sociopathic narcissist and he remarks - with sincere amusement - that Batman said the same thing earlier.
  • Joker torturing Doctor Psycho by forcing him to watch feminist rallies.
  • Harley throws herself from the platform and seemingly into the acid below. The Joker walks away laughing, then realises he didn't hear her land in the acid, leading him to say this:
    Joker: Wait a minute. Did anyone hear a splash? I've fallen in acid enough times to know that there should be a splash.
  • The ending. The Justice League and the Legion of Doom are gone, the Joker has been defeated, but Gotham is in complete and utter chaos. Harley thinks that the burning city is beautiful.


  • The simple hilarious fact that clips of the show on YouTube are under the effect of COPPA is worth a chuckle. This even includes a scene where a partially-nude Harley asks Bats if "This is where you fuck the bats." Because it's animated, so it MUST be for kids!


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