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Kim Possible

  • Shego refuses to help Drakken steal a wheelchair with more gadgets than the Batmobile from a kid, calling it "low, even for you, Drakken." Shego had shown a conscience before, as well — unwilling to really harm her family, even though they had a falling-out years ago, for example.
    • While Shego did point out how low it was, she still took part in the scheme, but only after the wheelchair was stolen and expressed disgust that Drakken and Motor Ed went through with it beforehand.
  • Played for Laughs in the Halloween Episode: Drakken, Shego, and Duff Killigan are quite shocked and disappointed when they learn that Kim lied to her parents and Ron — they acted as if she had personally offended them. Duff Killigan even grumbled that Kim would "be working long and hard to regain my trust!"
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  • Drakken is committed to truth in advertising, calling his mind-controlling shampoo "Dr. D's Brainwashing Shampoo and Cranium Rinse", and giving it the slogan "Lather, Rinse, and OBEY!"
    Drakken: I'm a supervillain, not a corporate shyster.
  • Another Drakken example: after stealing The Ron’s royalty money, Drakken surrounds himself with the same sycophants that Ron had after receiving his royalty check from Bueno Nacho. But not even he could put up Bonnie’s transparent attempts at gold-digging, dropping her the first change he could.
    • Also while The Ron’s sycophants looked 18 and over (and they didn’t flirt with anyone) it was pretty obvious Bonnie pretended to romantically into The Ron. Drakken did not want to work with someone under age in general, let alone have a teenage girl feel like she’d have to flirt with him to get nice things, so he let her go before that nightmare for both of them could happen.
    • Bonnie for her part was at least honest that she was only with The Ron for the money and The Ron (despite finding her hot) just wanted another pretty girl on his squad.

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