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Drinking Game / The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel

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The rules can be a bit brutal, so it's highly advised to use water. Good Luck!

Erebonia Arc as a whole:

  • Take a shot if you win a battle with a link attack.
    • Two if you win with Burst.
  • Take a shot whenever you unbalance an enemy.
  • Take a shot whenever Machias and Jusis argue or take potshots at each other.
    • Two when they agree.note 
  • Take a shot if any character gets any bonuses in their turn.
    • Take two shots if it's the enemy who gets any of those bonuses.
  • Take a sip whenever you analyze an enemy.
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  • Take a sip whenever a character says something along the lines of "It's my turn!" when it's their turn to go in battle.
  • Take a sip whenever you use chrono burst.
  • Take two shots whenever you reach maximum Link Level with Rean and another character.
    • Lay off both the booze and the game if you manage this with any pairing that's not Rean and another character because you've probably been playing too long. Save maybe Laura and Fie, as the game gives them an entire level automatically with each replay after they make up with each other.
  • Down a glass anytime a Master Quartz levels up. Prepare a few fresh livers if attempting this for III and IV.
  • Take a tiny sip for every orbment slot you open.
  • Take a shot if you rank up. Down the bottle if you reach rank A0.
  • Take a shot if you activate a S-Craft/S-Break.
  • Take a shot if you acquire a Lost Quartz.
  • Take a very, very tiny sip if someone says "Haha". Prepare a ton of fresh livers by IV.

Cold Steel II

  • Take a shot if a physical attack misses.
  • Take a shot whenever another character makes a Big Damn Heroes moment.
  • Take a sip for every person you bring aboard the Courageous.

Cold Steel III

  • Take a shot if Rean gets interrupted whenever he is about to activate Spirit Unification or summon Valimar. Take another shot if a character proceeds to make a Dynamic Entry via a Big Damn Heroes moment shortly after.
    • If the character (or characters) in question happens to be someone affiliated with the old Class VII, member or otherwise, take one more shot.
  • Take a tiny sip whenever someone calls Rean the Ashen Chevalier.
  • Take a shot whenever you come across a student from Rean's time at Thors. If you happen to recognize them before the game tells you their name, feel free to take a celebratory drink as proof that you remember your NPCs.
  • Take a shot whenever Rean tells anybody that no one is allowed to hit on his sister.
  • Take a very tiny sip if you activate Juna or Kurt's Brave Orders.

Cold Steel IV

  • Take a tiny sip if anyone mentions about the curse.
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  • Take a shot if a character onscreen is hit with a curse.
  • Down a bottle when a character who was supposed to be dead in the previous game turns out to be alive.
  • After getting the normal ending, DROWN YOUR SORROWS.
    • Drown another one upon also obtaining the Golden Ending. You deserve it.


  • Rean:
    • Take a shot whenever he makes a heroic speech.
      • Take another shot for every person who comments on how cheesy his speeches are.
      • Whenever he's the one getting a pep talk from another character, chuckle in irony and take a shot.
    • In Valimar battles, take a shot whenever he pulls off a follow-up attack.
      • Take two if it's the enemy who does it to you instead.
    • Take a shot if Rean delays enemies with Arc Slash. This is one way to increase the game's challenge.
    • Chug a bottle if Rean transforms into his Superpowered Evil Side before he masters it.
    • Take a shot anytime he mentions or thinks about Crow.
    • Down a glass anytime he's an Accidental Pervert.
    • Do whatever makes you most happy when he yells "Heed my call... Valimar, the Ashen Knight!"
    • Take a shot for every pat in the head he gives to people.
      • Finish a bottle if he's the one on the receiving end. You may want to pretend this rule doesn't exist if Crow and Rean are on the screen together.
    • Take a shot anytime someone lampshades his Chick Magnet tendencies.
    • Down an entire bottle if Rean ends up being a boss fight.
    • Take a shot if he senses anybody during a cutscene.
      • Take two shots if it's not him who senses people.
    • Take a really tiny sip when someone says Rean's name.
    • Take a tiny sip if his hand is on his hip in a cutscene or gameplay.
    • Take a shot if he's planning to sacrifice himself to save others, lethal or otherwise. Take another shot if he does go through with it.
      • Take two shots if someone else saves him instead.

  • Jusis:
    • Take a shot whenever Jusis' text box contains "Hmph", "Hmm", or some variation.

  • Laura:
    • Take a shot whenever she mentions anything about training with the sword.

  • Gaius:
    • Take a sip whenever he mentions anything related to wind (be it literal or a pun).
      • Take a shot anytime someone else makes the wind pun.

  • Machias:
    • Take a shot when he touches his glasses with his hand.

  • Emma:
    • Take a shot when she uses magic.

  • Celine:
    • Take a shot whenever she acts like a Tsundere.

  • Crow:
    • Take a shot whenever he mentions anything about gambling.
    • Take a shot anytime Crow swears.

  • Angelica:
    • Take a shot anytime she's fawning over another woman.
      • Take two if it's Towa.

  • Towa:
    • Take a sip whenever Rean is concerned about her overworking herself.
    • Take a shot whenever Rean finds her sleeping.
    • Take a shot whenever someone mentions her Moe-ness.

  • Sara:
    • Take a shot anytime she mentions anything about beer.
      • Two if she's trying to get Rean to drink.
    • Take a shot everytime her status as a teacher or herself in general is ridiculed at.

  • Fie:
    • Build her as a dodge tank and take a sip whenever she dodges something.
      • Take a shot if she gets hit.

  • Millium:
    • Take a shot anytime she babbles any military secret.
    • Take a shot anytime she tries to call Airgetlam in an inappropriate moment.

  • Alisa:
    • Take a shot whenever Gwyn or Sharon ship her with Rean.
    • Take a sip whenever she's being snarky.

  • Elise:
    • Take a shot anytime Elise blushes whenever she's with her brother or any mention of her brother is made.
      • Take two if it's because of Alfin

  • Alfin:
    • Take a shot whenever she's being mischievous (as in intentionally saying misleading things to tease people)
      • Take two shots if she's talking about yaoi
      • Take three shots if the topic is Elise's obvious crush with her brother.

  • Sharon:
    • Take a sip whenever she says suggestive things to tease Rean.
    • Take a sip whenever she suddenly appears and when questioned how or why she got there, she gives a non-answer.
    • Take a sip whenever someone mentions her extraordinary skills as a maid.
    • Take a shot whenever Class VII is making plans for dinner but Sharon reveals she's already made dinner for them.
    • Take a shot whenever Alisa is annoyed and/or embarassed by her.

  • McBurn:
    • Take a shot for every sentence with fire-heat reference coming from his mouth.
    • Take a shot whenever he's feeling apathetic during a cutscene.
    • Down the entire bottle when he finally gets serious.

  • Duvalie:
    • Take a shot anytime she's being the Only Sane Woman.
      • Take another one when it involves her screaming in frustration.
    • Take a shot whenever she starts praising her lord the Lance Maiden.

  • Kurt:
    • Take a shot anytime he says anything about the Vander sword.

  • Juna:
    • Take a shot anytime she screams.
    • Take a shot anytime she starts saying anything about Crossbell. Prepare a fresh liver by chapter 2.
    • Take a shot if she starts glomping Altina.

  • Altina:

  • Ash:
    • Take a shot whenever he straight up refuses to be part of the magical side of the plot.

  • Musse:
    • Take a shot whenever she starts flirting with Rean.

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