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Drinking Game / Kingsman
aka: Kingsman The Secret Service

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This Drinking Game for the Kingsman film series works even better if you can get the alcohols that are consumed in the films (or ersatzes given the rarity and/or prices or fictional status of some of them).


All Films:

  • Drink anytime someone says "Manners Maketh Man".
  • Drink anytime a Kingsman agent uses a gadget.
  • Drink whenever a reference to the James Bond movies is made.
  • Drink anytime someone has a drink.
    • Drink twice if it's a pricey/prestigious alcohol that should not be wasted.
  • Drink anytime someone loses a body part.
  • Drink whenever a f-word is pronounced.
  • Whenever someone triggers Harry with a homophobic slur, drink.
  • If a Kingsman agent dies, down your glass.
  • Sequel/prequel only: drink anytime you see a Continuity Nod, Homage Shot or Call-Back to the first film.

Kingsman: The Secret Service:

  • Drink anytime Harry kills someone during the church scene. WARNING: your liver might not be able to withstand this.
    • Try drinking twice if he kills someone without using his gun. At your own peril.
  • Drink anytime a head explodes (you will need to pause quite a bit). Same warning as above concerning the film's climax.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle:

  • Drink anytime you see someone having blue tainted veins on the skin due to Poppy's drug.
  • Drink whenever Harry has butterfly hallucinations.
  • Take two shots whenever Elton John swears.


The King’s Man:

Alternative Title(s): Kingsman The Secret Service, Kingsman The Golden Circle, The Kings Man


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