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Due to the nature of this page, BEWARE OF UNMARKED SPOILERS.

LISA: The First

  • There is a Marty floating over a lake in the starting town. The only way to interact with him is with a noclip cheat.
    "are you cheating? fuck you"

LISA: The Painful

  • The game anticipated the possibility of you being able to defeat Buzzo and Demon X. For the former, Buzzo decides to destroy the world. For the latter, Demon X simply calls you a cheater and an asshole before booting you to the game over screen.
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  • Sleeping at a random, unprotected camp site has the unique animation of Brad laying down. The section before the climax of Area 3 where Brad abandons his gang takes a twist to this by providing each character in his current party their own unique sleeping sprite. Including Nern, who just sits there with a blanket over his shoulders.
  • Even though some characters can only be recruited in areas 2 and 3, Austin apparently anticipated the player hacking the game to recruit these characters earlier, judging by the fact that each of them provides an uplifting or comical comments if Brad makes a sacrifice.
  • Lost an arm? You ride the bike and climb the rope with the only arm. Lose both arms? You ride the bike and climb the rope with your teeth.
    • Without both arms, you are not able to wear armbands.
  • There are a pair of guys in area 2 who show up whenever you happen to have dynamite on you, with the intent to purchase some. Getting behind them to interact nets you a different dialogue message, with them being annoyed.
    • A similar event happens when you meet the Salvation Rangers when they face Demon X. They clue you in to go help them, but there is nothing stopping you from approaching them from behind, in which they berate you for not doing what you're suppose to do.
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    • If you approach Bobby Diddle in area 1 without entering his ambush tile and talk to him, he'll tell you to take two steps to the left before actually attacking. Likewise, you can fall on him and break his neck (something he'll commend you for), skipping the encounter entirely.
  • Brad has unique dialogue with Rick and Buzzo depending on if he took joy even once. Likewise, Ajeet is the only character who will refuse to join you if you consumed more than onespoiler 


LISA: The Joyful


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