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Yet another idea from Radioactive Zombie, this one anime-styled. Yet another exercise in script writing.

Without warning, several people — the biggest, meanest fascists, communists, and whatever-ists to walk their respective planets, preferably with an iron fist and a big swinging dick — are teleported to another dimension.

They are told that their "captors" have decided they are the chosen ones, but since the prophesier only predicted three, a battle to the death on an erupting volcano populated with shrieking dragons is decided on.


Unfortunately for the men and women of Estoveria, whose government had captured said several people and the ensuing death battle, those three people (who survived by accidentally tripping over their own feet when the battle started and thus were spared a horrible flaming death) are fucking idiots.

Said three:

Max: Raging college dropout who takes any and all opportunity to mangle whatever political side he's just taken into an incoherent, angry mess.
Jay: Lazy fat fuck who tries to take the middle ground of everything... at all costs. Even if said middle ground is a landmine or hazardrous to both sides.
Chen: Highly annoyed Chinese professor who prefers using "logic" and "data". Most of which is skewed in his favor.

What's worse is that the prophesied three... aren't. There were supposed to be two. They were supposed to be pretty, perfect, and young. And they went over to Estoveria's opposing nation, which, for starters, is actually called Duestcheland...


A semi-deconstruction, but mostly a parody, of Trapped in Another World animes where the protagonists become the leader of another world's government. (Mostly, Kyo Kara Maoh!.)

  • Affably Evil - Most of Estoveria. Except Max.
  • Bishōnen - Hideki, the new leader of Duestcheland.
  • Broken Aesop - Lampshaded. The in-universe Space Jews turn out to be as bad as they're stereotypically described.
    Jay: I'm sorry, last time I checked, I wasn't aware this show was racist.
  • Cutaway Gag - Mocked. A cutaway only causes Jay to interrupt and yell at the characters in the Cutaway Gag for being unfunny.
  • Dirty Communists - Estoveria.
  • Eagleland - Do not insult America in front of Jay.
  • Gratuitous German - Parodied with Duestcheland (spelling intended), most of which is German-sounding gibberish and/or curse words.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper- Max.
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  • Ho Yay - "The Gay Bomb", in which both countries detonate gay bombs on each other. Hysteria and unfounded fear of becoming gay results in a Gay Apocalypse into a Gay Disaster Film.
    Jay: "Okay, aren't you guys overreacting a wee... OH, GOD, WHERE IS HE PUTTING THAT?!"
  • Noodle Incident - Whatever caused the last Estoverian leader to be replaced.
  • Putting on the Reich - Duestcheland, if the title didn't clue you in. Jay just calls them Nazis, only to be constantly corrected by everyone else.
  • Title Drop - The end credits is... wait for it... the Dead Kennedy's California Uber Alles. Yes, the spelling of "Allies" is intentional.
  • School Uniform - Jay's unimpressive uniform of black-shirt-khaki-pants promptly becomes a fashion statement, and earns him the ire of Inner Party commies who don't like people being sheep-like for other trends.
    • ...
    • Okay, that didn't explain out right.
  • The Starscream - Astovera, the extremely annoyed Strawman Political Conservative General Ripper. His plans fail all the time.
  • Running Gag: "OH MY GOD, IT'S AN X!"
    • GET HIM!!!
  • Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism - Mocked completely. Hideki and Anna's naive plans often run Duestcheland into the ground. Max, Jay, and Chen's enduring cynicism give people headaches and run Estoveria straight into the ground harder than Hideki and Anna's half-assed plans of reform and change. With a gigantic hammer. That's not even moving.
  • Strawman Political - Played straight, subverted, mocked, and lampshaded. Mostly the former, though. This is a nonsensical comedy, after all.
    • And I mock every stance there is, thank you very much.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist - Hideki and Anna.


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