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Your soul is judged!

Andrew Digger is an average grey wolf who takes it easy in the city of Auric. He never had a steady job, as he prefers taking part-time work which only lasts for a few months. He doesn't realize that his new job as a security guard of a private museum of an eccentric archeologist (with the museum actually being the first floor of the archeologist's house) will change his life. On his first shift, a person gets murdered somewhere in the city through unknown means, while at the same time a closed box in the small Ancient Egypt section starts to rumble. Upon touching its contents - a strange ankh-shaped staff - a spirit named Anubis gets inside of him. Turns out Anubis was bound into the ankh due to an incident thousands of years ago, causing malevolent spirits to be unchecked, and with him gone the rip between the spirit and mortal realms has gone wide enough for these evil souls to pass through. And so he begrudgingly uses the horrified Andrew as a vessel, combining his power into the staff to transform him into Armored Anubis. All of this happens while the two deal with the museum owner's shenanigans, his daughter's suspicions, and two people occupying the same body. Andrew himself tries to understand more on what is happening, while Anubis keeps himself aloof as though something ticked him off years ago. Little do they realize a higher power plays into all of this.


An animated Henshin Hero show, this focuses on two characters sharing the same body fighting the supernatural, with themes of Egyptian Mythology.

Awaken. Tropes!

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  • Home Base: Bucharell's Strange Museum. It is also the place where Andrew crashes in.
    Ancient Armor Anubis 

Ancient Armor Anubis

The hero covered in black and gold armor - Armor Anubis is the manifestation of Anubis's power into a mortal holding the Ankh Staff, in this case Andrew. Both Andrew and Anubis share the same body, and thus they both operate within the armor. His weapon is the staff itself, and it can also hold Artifacts of the other gods to support him by inserting the Artifact into the loop of the Ankh Staff. He eventually obtains the Sekhmet, Hathor, Sobek, Bastet, Wadjet, and Khepri Artifacts from Egyptian gods to aid him in his fight.

By having perfect synchronization and the Wepwawet Artifact, Armor Anubis gains an upgrade that powers up the suit and allows him to use stronger Artifacts - the Horus, Thoth, and Osiris Artifacts.

After completing Ra's trial, he is given the ultimate upgrade - the Ra Artifact, giving a more golden look and the Deity Tablet - a magical block resulting from all of the artifacts combining that allows him to utilize any power of the Artifacts at the same time.

  • All Your Powers Combined: Golden Armor Anubis can use multiple Artifact powers at once via the Deity Tablet. The Deity Tablet itself appears upon transforming into the Golden Super Mode, with the 10 artifacts (this excludes Anubis Artifact which is the staff and the Ra Artifact which is inserted into the staff) merging and becoming the new equipment. He can then press the icons on the tablet corresponding to the Artifacts they represent (Wepwawet's icon is treated more like a "confirm" button, as technically the Armor Anubis's base is still Silver). Certain combinations even have unique effects, like Khepri + Osiris creates a very large beetle drone with a cannon mounted on its back.
  • Attack Drone: Khepri Artifact summons a mechanical scarab that is magically operated by simply giving it commands.
  • BFG: When Silver Anubis uses the Osiris Artifact, it summons the Osiris Cannon, a big, bulky rail gun that is said to "fire the judgment against the wicked souls". This powerful soul beam is called Spirit Buster.
  • By the Power of Grayskull!: Andrew says "Awaken!" as he presses the staff's head. The staff then echoes out "Arise! Anubis!" When Anubis's soul is visible (usually to visually show that he's also observing/talking to Andrew), he would mimic Andrew's hand motion before merging into him.
    Andrew: *performs hand motion that ends in pressing the Ankh Staff* Awaken!
    Ankh Staff: Arise! Anubis!
    • The staff also says the god or goddess who gave them the Artifact when inserting and using it. Like when using Khepri's Artifact...
      Ankh Staff: Arise! Khepri!
  • Calling Your Attacks: The staff does it.
  • Dual Wield: Sekhmet Artifact grants him an extra weapon called the Khopesh.
  • Flight: Horus Artifact grants wings on Silver Anubis, enabling flight.
  • Gravity Master: Thoth Artifact allows Silver Anubis to pull or levitate enemies on a desired location.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: Hathor Artifact gives him a shield that can also project an aura barrier.
  • Magic Staff: Ankh Staff.
  • Making a Splash + Super Not-Drowning Skills + Walk on Water: Sobek Artifact allows him to create water blasts wherever his staff strikes, as well as giving him agility and breathing underwater, and even walk on water.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: Silver Anubis, the result of Andrew and Anubis mastering their synchronization and accessing the Wepwawet Artifact. This form has increased stats. This also allows Armor Anubis to use the stronger Artifacts - Horus, Thoth and Osiris.
  • Multiform Balance: The Artifacts allow Anubis to use various weapons or abilities, though only one Artifact can be active at a given time.
  • Power of the Sun: Bastet Artifact allows the staff to fire either small but multiple blasts of solar energy, or a concentrated beam of light.
  • Super Mode: Upon using the Ra Artifact, Armor Anubis turns silver (assuming he isn't in the Silver Anubis form) and gold armor goes over the chest, arms, and legs, and he gains a new headdress. The form is called Golden Armor Anubis. This form can utilize all of the Artifacts without inserting them, and can use more than one at a time.
  • Synchronization: How Andrew and Anubis operate the armor. While Andrew is the "flesh" and Anubis is the "armor", the two share the same "body". Early in the show the two are a bit disconnected from each other and often times just lets one take over the action. In order to achieve a stronger form, they learned how to perfectly synchronize with one another, maintain it, and use the Wepwawet Artifact.
  • Transformation Trinket: Ankh Staff - by twisting the loop, it opens up the "arms" of the ankh, and then requires being pressed on the top. It also turns out that the Ankh Staff is the Anubis Artifact.
  • Whip It Good: Wadjet Artifact gives Armor Anubis a whip coiled on his right arm. It can be used to pull his enemies, restrain them, or even use it to swing.

Andrew Digger


    Mr. Bucharell's Strange Museum 
    War Armor Fenrir 

War Armor Fenrir

  • By the Power of Grayskull!: Waller utters "Let's go." as he presses his Transformation Trinket. The weapon then yells out "Wake up!" as it projects one half of the armor to his left and the other half to his right, which then merges into him.
    Waller: Let's go.
    Wolf Biter: WAKE UP!
    • Occasionally, when going for his upgraded form, he says "Let's go wild!"
      *Waller inserts the Wolf Biter to the Wild Jacket*
      Wolf Biter: Warning. World Eater. Warning. World Eater.
      Waller: Let's go wild!
      Wolf Biter: WAKE UP! WORLD EATER!
  • Knife Nut: His weapon of choice and transformation device is a large dagger. It has buttons that add some functionality to his weapon.
  • Letter Motif: W, primarily because of wolf.
  • Mid-Season Upgrade: World Eater Fenrir.
  • Transformation Trinket: Much like Armor Anubis, Armor Fenrir uses a weapon to transform. For him, it's the Wolf Biter, a dagger with buttons.
    • His Super Mode gives him the Wild Jacket, a holster/handguard for the Wolf Biter, which contains buttons that allow him to become World Eater Fenrir.

Waller Lowell

    Mercenary Unit Hounds 

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