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And if you were wondering, the title of the work has nothing to do with the work itself.

So, where to begin? This story (soon to be animated series... yeah right) is, basically, taking Wake Up, Go to School, Save the World and deconstructing it, reconstructing it, zig zagging it and basically running it to Heck and back. But what is it about? It's about a freshman student, named Mike, with the power to blast green bolts of energy and create a forcefield (but only subconsciously, and when he's hit with sufficient force); a freshman student, named Jason, who can control metal to the Nth degree; and Dylan, a muggle. Basically, it's a Sliceof Life combined with super-heroic antics, but while there is some comedy present, it usually takes a backseat to the constant subversions of those superhero tropes. No, it's not the most original thing ever, but at least I'm trying.




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