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"We are talking about YOU!"
Daisuke Muramoto (boke) and Paradise Nakagawa (tsukkomi) are Woman Rush Hour, a Japanese Comedy Duo formed in 2008. Their achievements include winning the comedy contest The Manzai in 2013. Unlike most Japanese comedy acts, they don't shy away from political subjects, such as during The Manzai in 2017 where they criticized the Japanese government's extravagant spending on the 2020 Olympics and for being overly cooperative to the American government, among other things.

Since 2016, they are the hosts of the long-running AKB48 variety show, AKBingo!.

Woman Rush Hour's works provide examples of:

  • As Long as It Sounds Foreign: Their name came from the movie titles Pretty Woman and Rush Hour. Usually it's shortened to just "Woman".
  • Country Mouse: Muramoto is from the rural Fukui Prefecture, and once lamented that it's dark in his hometown when the evening comes even though there are four nuclear power plants in the area, since most of the power is transferred to Tokyo and other big cities.
  • Hate Sink: Muramoto was voted the most hated man in Japan. He has mentioned that he receives more death wishes in a day than most people probably would in a lifetime, and claimed that in 2017 he was banned from five shows.
  • Motor Mouth: Muramoto.
  • Nice Hat: Paradise usually wears a bowler hat that matches his suit.
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  • Pointy-Haired Boss: In their comedy routine "Baito Leader", Muramoto portrays a "University of Tokyo law school graduate who went on to study aerospace engineering in America and worked at NASA" who due to various circumstances ends up as the titular part-time employee team leader at an izakaya pub. He seems impressive at first but proves to be utterly incompetent.
    Ultraman is in charge of protecting the Earth. The Prime Minister is in charge of the country. I'm in charge of transport reimbursement. If you came by bicycle, you're not eligible!
  • You Bastard!: Their 2017 The Manzai performance ended with them pointing out the Japanese people's low political consciousness, and then declaring "We are talking about YOU!" while literally pointing their fingers at the camera, as seen in the page image.


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