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"I am happy - genuinely so. I can get depressed, anybody can. But overall, I've had a wonderful life. It's been great fun."

Simon John Cadell, (19 July 1950 — 6 March 1996), was a British actor best known for playing Jeffrey Fairbrother in Hi-de-Hi!.

After training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, he found his first successes in theatre in The '70s, as well as voicing Blackberry in Watership Down and starring in both series of Enemy at the Door as Sturmbannf├╝hrer Reinicke.

His most fondly remembered role was Jeffrey Fairbrother in Hi-de-Hi!, a university professor who takes a job as entertainment manager at a holiday camp to try and spice up his life. Cadell left after Series 5 to avoid being Typecast and followed HDH! with starring roles in Blott on the Landscape, Life Without George, and Singles.

Later in his life, he did voice-overs for commercials and narrated all 27 episodes of Bump. He was due to star in Downwardly Mobile in 1994, but had to drop out of the series after he was diagnosed with an inoperable and terminal form of cancer.

He died at the age of 45.

Works on TV Tropes he appeared in:

  • Play for Today, 4 episodes:
    • "Plaintiffs and Defendants" (1975) — Sallust
    • "Two Sundays" (1975) — Schoolmaster
    • "The Executioner" (1980) — Fowler
    • "Name for the Day" (1980) — Dr. Nethersole
  • Enemy at the Door, 21 episodes (1978-80) — Sturmbannf├╝hrer Klaus Reinicke
  • Hi-de-Hi!, 33 episodes (1980-84) — Professor Jeffrey Fairbrother
  • Minder, 2 episodes:
    • "All Mod Cons" (1980) — Simon
    • "The Wrong Goodbye" (1989) — William Pierce
  • When the Boat Comes In, episode "The Bright Young Things" (1981) — Philip Martin
  • Bergerac, episode "Campaign for Silence" (1981) — Hedley Cross
  • Tales of the Unexpected, 2 episodes:
    • "Hijack" (1981) — Co-Pilot
    • "Have a Nice Death" (1984) — Sam Luke
  • Blott on the Landscape, 5 episodes (1985) — Mr. Dundridge
  • Bump, 27 episodes (1990-94) — Narrator
  • Screen One, episode "Sweet Nothing" (1990) — VO Commentator