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Pure Flix Entertainment is a Christian film production company and, as of 2015, video streaming service, described by co-founder and managing partner David A.R. White as a religiously themed Netflix. White co-created Pure Flix on the account that Hollywood (according to him) doesn't target churchgoers specifically. Dating back to 2006, the company brands itself as a maker of family-friendly entertainment and mostly creates dramas, comedies and family films, though that hasn't stopped it from tapping into darker and more mature genres like thrillers and action movies, usually with some religious angle.


Given how specific Pure Flix's target audience is, most of the films they've made over the years haven't gained much fame among mainstream audiences. Some exceptions, for better and for worse, are God's Not Dead (and its sequels God's Not Dead 2 and God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness), Do You Believe?, and Woodlawn. Its biggest box office hit as of 2018 is God's Not Dead, which had a revenue of an impressive $62 million on a $2 million budget. On the other hand, almost all of Pure Flix's films have bombed the box office, including God's Not Dead 3.

The studio is notorious among people of all theologies. Atheists, anti-theists, agnostics and even several devout Christians have criticized their films for using baseless accusations about persecution of American Christians for the sake of pushing an agenda and aggressively endorsing converting non-Christians to Christianity while depicting atheists as bullies or even outright villains. And the less said about their pro-life movies, the better.


Pure Flix ships and distributes their own movies to theaters, with Universal Pictures handling home media distribution since 2016.

See also Jesus, Bro!, a parody of Pure Flix and other Christian propaganda film written by and starring Brad Jones.

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