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John Milhiser (November 29, 1981) is an American actor and comedian best known for Saturday Night Live.

He is openly gay, making him the second openly gay male cast member after Terry Sweeney from the 1985-1986 season (and his being in the same cast as Kate McKinnon made it the second time in SNL history that a lesbian and a gay male were in the same cast and the first time both were out of the closet).

Much like Terry Sweeney, however, John Milhiser only lasted a season and, unless you follow the current cast members of Saturday Night Live, you probably wouldn't know he was a cast member. The season Milhiser was on (season 39, 2013-2014) was packed with new cast members joining the mainstays, leaving Milhiser to often get lost in the shuffle and often put in as an extra in most sketches. In spite of this, Milhiser did manage to have one recurring character (a student in Nasim Pedrad's "Shalon" sketches) and four celebrity impressions: John Cryer, Matthew McConaughey, Verne Troyer (as Mini-Me from the Austin Powers movies), and Billie Joe Armstrong (lead singer of 1990s pop punk band Green Day).


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