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Terry Sweeny (March 23, 1951) is an American artist, actor, and writer best known for Saturday Night Live the WB's short-lived sketch show Hypenote and Shag.

He is openly gay and is married to writer Lanier Laney, the two of whom were writers for Saturday Night Live during its tumultuous 11th season (the season that also had Sweeney as a cast member).


Terry Sweeney's hiring on that show marks the first time an openly gay male actor was featured on an American television show (which was very risky at the time, since the AIDS epidemic and America's conservative politics under Ronald Reagan made being on the LGBTQ spectrum rough, especially if you were a man). Sadly, despite gaining some fame on the show with his celebrity impression of First Lady Nancy Reagan (which the real Nancy hated, but her son, Ron Reagan, Jr.note  actually found it funny and even said that Terry acted more like his mom than Nancy), Sweeney, along with Danitra Vance, Joan Cusack, Robert Downey, Jr (yes, really), Anthony Michael Hall, and Randy Quaid, were not welcomed with opened arms by audiences and only lasted for one season. Sweeney had no recurring characters, but did have celebrity impressions besides Nancy Reagan: Brooke Shields' Stage Mom, Teri; Diana Rossnote , Patti LaBellenote , Ted Kennedynote , Joan Rivers, Joan Collins (both as herself and as her character Alexis Colby-Dexter from Dynasty), and Barbara Howar.


And, on a final note, despite having the same last name, Terry Sweeney is not related to Julia Sweeney.




  • Saturday Night Live (1980note , 1985-1986note )
  • Love At Stake
  • Shag
  • MA Dtv (1997-2000, 75 episodes), making Sweeney the only SNL cast member who crossed over to MADtv (contrast with Jeff Richards and Taran Killam, who started out on MADtv before going to SNL).
  • Hype (co-creator along with Lanier Laney and Scott King)
  • Tripping The Rift (7 episodes)

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