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Nasim Pedrad (Persian: نسیم پدراد‎‎; born November 18, 1981 in Tehran, Iran) is an Iranian-American actress and comedian.

Pedrad is perhaps best known for starring on NBC's Saturday Night Live (becoming the show's first Iranian-American cast member, as well as the first — and, so far only — female Asian cast membernote  and one in a handful of SNL cast members who weren't American- or Canadian-bornnote ) as a featured/repertory player for five seasons (starting in the show's landmark 35th season, where she easily became a stand-out compared to Jenny Slate, whose vulgar verbal faux pas on her first sketch led to reduced appearances and her being let go), where she became known for her impersonations of celebrities like Arianna Huffington, Kim Kardashian, and Barbara Walters.


After her fifth season in 2014, Pedrad left SNL for the FOX sitcom Mulaney opposite John Mulaney, which was ultimately canceled after one season. Since then, she's appeared on New Girl and Scream Queens. As of 2016, she's developing a pilot for FOX that she'll also star in.

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