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Eugene Ionesco (November 26, 1909 - March 28, 1994) was a French-Romanian playwright whose writing was mostly Absurdism, as well as strong social and political commentary.

Works by Ionesco with their own pages on this wiki:

Other works by Ionesco contain examples of:

  • Beyond the Impossible: In The Lesson, The Student nonchalantly mentions having memorized the answers to an infinite amount of multiplication questions, to explain how she can multiply ten-digit numbers when she doesn't know how to count past 17.
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  • Bookends: The Lesson begins and ends with The Maid inviting in a new student.
  • Either/Or Title: Amédée, or How to Get Rid of It
  • One Mario Limit: Four of his plays have a protagonist named Berenger.
  • Voodoo Shark: Played for Laughs in The Lesson. The Professor asks how The Student can multiply ten-digit numbers if she doesn't know how to count. The Student replies that she's memorized the answer to every possible multiplication question.


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