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Continuity Nod / X-Men: Apocalypse

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  • Scott's teacher lectures her students about the world's first public exposure to mutants in 1973, via their appearance at the Paris Peace Accords and Magneto's attempted assassination of President Nixon.
  • Nightcrawler is dressed in circus attire during the fight club scene; he was a Circus Brat before he met the X-Men in X2. Moreover, Mystique's sexy dress is a variation of her disguise when she seduced a prison guard. Her black leather jacket is also similar.
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  • Professor X reads a passage from The Once and Future King to his class, which is the exact same edition an incarcerated Erik had in X2.
  • Xavier hasn't lost a smidgen of his vanity from his youth because he still loves his hair and is a Proud Beauty once more. He's fond of gradient lenses for his sunglasses because his latest pair also shares this feature with the one he had owned in the '70s.
  • In this featurette, the elegant chess set in the X-Mansion is identical to the one Charles and Erik played on the former's plane in X-Men: Days of Future Past.
  • Alex was a Jerk Jock to Hank in X-Men: First Class, and even though Havok is around 38 years old in 1983, he hasn't lost his mocking attitude because he pokes fun at Beast's blue, furry form.
  • Xavier confides to Jean that it wasn't so long ago that he was plagued by everyone else's pain—this refers to his severe depression between 1963 and 1973, which had caused him to lose control of his psychic abilities.
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  • When Jean tells Professor X that she's afraid she'll hurt someone, there is a glimmer of recognition in his eyes—he remembers what he saw of the Phoenix in Wolverine's memories in 1973.
  • Although Charles had given up his womanizing ways a long time ago, his attraction to Moira hasn't diminished in the slightest.
  • Moira remains passionate about her career at the CIA, and her interest in mutant issues is ongoing. Even though she's missing memories of Xavier from 1962, she reads his papers on genetics.
  • When Raven asks Hank how is he going to get the plane out of the hangar, he says he will make an entrance through the basketball court (exactly where it was shown rising up from in X1, and mentioned in dialogue by Stryker in X2).
  • It turns out that Quicksilver had kept Professor X's business card from X-Men: Days of Future Past. Peter had glanced at it ("What is this Gifted Youngsters place?") and then dropped it on the floor after he was done rummaging through Xavier's wallet. Charles had retrieved the card, and either gave it to the young man before they parted ways, or Maximoff stole it from him as a souvenir.
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  • Quicksilver is still a big Progressive Rock fan because he sports a Rush T-shirt; in Days of Future Past, he wore a Pink Floyd one (a Floyd poster is still in the basement). He also continues to be a video game enthusiast (although he has moved on from Pong and is seen playing Pac-Man).
  • In The Rogue Cut, Ms. Maximoff had consumed alcohol while watching TV in the middle of the day. A decade later, she's holding a drink during daytime while talking to her son.
  • Mystique and Stryker strongly dislike each other because of their confrontations in 1973.
  • Quicksilver tells Mystique that he had met Magneto ten years ago, but he had no idea at the time that the man was his father. Peter was talking about the Pentagon prison break in Days of Future Past.
  • Charles apologizes to Moira for erasing parts of her memory back in 1962.


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