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The Pantheon is a group of Marvel Comics, that the Incredible Hulk had once joined. The organization was first introduced in #368 (April, 1990) and was fleshed out over later issues.

Right after having his multiple personalities merged, Hulk was invited to join the Pantheon. He refused, and pushed Atalanta aside, which drove Ajax nuts and started a fight. To prevent further damage to the population, Hulk feigned being defeated and let the Pantheon take him to their base. Once there, he continued the fight, until the leader Agamemnon asked him to stop and gave him a tour of the place. The Mount is a community that tries to work for the good of mankind and prevent or stop potential disasters. Hulk accepts to join.

One day, Agamemnon left the Mount to explore the real world a bit, leaving Hulk in charge during his absence. But then, the alien Trauma finally captured Atalanta, and revealed the dark deals that Agamemnon had made with them. Once in Earth, Agamemnon is located and brought back to the Mount, to face a trial. Agamemnon unleashes his monsters, leading to the destruction of the mount and his death. The Pantheon broke up after this.


The Pantheon contains examples of:

  • A Nazi by Any Other Name: The kid that would become a new Hitler in the future.
  • Establishing Character Moment: The first appearence of Paris, as a mere mission control back at the Mount when the ship returned with Hulk. He refused to open the door, but Ulises moved anyway: he was playing a "Who gets scared first?" game. The ship was destroyed because of this.
  • He's Back: Hey, look, Mr. Fixit is back in Las Vegas! But why is he green now?
  • Immortality Begins at 20: Agamemnon became immortal in his puberty.
  • Internal Homage: The death of Agamemnon is similar to the famous scene of Bucky at the top of the plane that blew up.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Trauma is this for Atalanta. Then again, who would want to hook with a horrible Axe-Crazy alien?
  • What Did You Expect When You Named It ____?: The Pantheon uses Greek-themes names (such as Ulysses, Ajax or Atalanta). One of them, who was nigh invulnerable, called himself "Achilles". Then he met Hulk, and discovered that he was vulnerable to low-level Gamma Radiation, which makes him lose his invulnerability. He was very pissed off at the idea of having a weakness. Who would have ever thought about Achilles having a weak point?

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