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This is the character page for those who have appeared in the Rush Hour TV series.

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Detective Jonathan Lee

Played By: Jon Foo

Detective James Carter

Played By: Justin Hires

  • Dark and Troubled Past: Was once a juvenile who got into trouble with the police until he was forced to make a decision on whether to straighten himself up and do something good or not and graduate to be a criminal. He chose the former and by then, he felt good about making his choice.
  • Experienced Protagonist: Has been an officer with the LAPD for many years.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: The red to Lee's blue.



Constable Kim Lee

Played By: Jessika Vann

  • Action Girl: A HKPF officer who takes no nonsense, who is held back by her brother. It stops after she joins the MSS.
    • Dark Action Girl: To the law enforcement, she went rogue and became a Triad member.
  • Double Agent: For the MSS and the Quantou.
  • Fair Cop: She is very pretty. Even when she joins the MSS.

Captain Chen

Played By:


Sergeant Didi Diaz

Played By: Aimee Garcia

  • Action Girl: Shines the most in "Assault on Precinct 7" when Triad 49ers seized control of the precinct.

Captain Lindsay Cole

Played By: Wendie Malick

    LA Government 

D.A. Ginardi

Played By: Doug Savant


Agent Westhusing

Played By: Diedrich Bader



Played By:


Played By:

Yang Wei / The Dragon of Quantou

Played By: James Hong


Played By: Byron Mann



Gerald Page

Played By: Page Kennedy

  • The Informant: The source of Carter's information on the LA criminal underworld.


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