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Abigail Matthews

A sickly girl, Abigail has been living on her parent's farm her whole life and is very proud of it. Unfortunately, her parents died unexpectedly, leaving her without the means to take care of herself or the farm. She's living with the guilt of letting her parents down, and also forcing her sister to move back to Misty Valley to take care of her.

Andromeda Sutherland

A long-time resident of Misty Valley, Andromeda is actually a descendant of the witch who cursed the town. Because of this, she has an unreasonable and unexplainable hatred towards Gabriel, who is the descendant of the pastor who condemned her to die. She also has some magical abilities, although she's stubborn and doesn't have much interest in training them.


The owner of a small art gallery/history museum, Benjamin is very knowledgable on the history of Misty Valley, including the witch trials and the alleged curse.

Cameron Lewis

As someone who has lived in Misty Valley since he was a kid, Cameron is confident in the fact that there is no curse on Misty Valley. In fact, there's no such thing as curses, or ghosts, or witches. As far as he's concerned, everything that happens in Misty Valley has a rational, pragmatic reason.
  • Agent Scully: He plays interestingly against Theresa's Mulder
  • Only Sane Man: He definitely considers himself this, although at a certain point his denials of magic cross over into insanity.
  • Weirdness Censor: When things really start going crazy, Cameron clings to increasingly implausible rationalizations.

Mason Hart

A protective soul, Mason's number one goal in life is to keep his younger sister, Chelsea, safe. However, this causes a conflict of interest when he falls in love with Duncan, who is possessed and poses a clear threat to not only his sister, but everyone else in town. He's constantly torn between wanting to get closer to him and wanting to keep himself and Chelsea safe.

Piper Santana

A recent graduate, Piper just moved to Misty Valley recently. She's trying to figure out what to do with her life, but those problems seem increasingly less stressful when she gets caught up in the curse thanks to her cousin, Gabriel, and the mysterious but fascinating girl, Evalyn.
  • Morality Pet: She acts as this to Evalyn, who probably wouldn't have even bothered to care about the curse one way or another if it wasn't for her.
  • The Pollyanna: Piper is definitely the most optimistic of the bunch.
  • Shipper on Deck: She is constantly meddling with Gabriel's (and everyone else's) love life.

Vanessa Arcand

A kind girl, Vanessa has been living in Misty Valley since grade school and has since grown used to the stories. She's always willing to humor her twin sister, Theresa, in her fascination with the place, and her calm demeanor makes her a perfect foil to the more anxious Chelsea, who serves as her Love Interest.
  • Twin Telepathy: With Theresa. This actually winds up being a gift from the very witch who cursed their town.


Angelina Matthews

Angie grew up in Misty Valley, and wanted nothing more than to escape it. She packed up and left the second she graduated high school, but unfortunately the town had other plans. When her parents were killed unexpectedly, she was forced to come back to take care of her sick twin sister, Abigail.

Chelsea Hart

A gentle, anxious girl. Chelsea insists she doesn't believe in the curse, but is actually quite afraid of it. She's quite afraid of a lot of things, actually, including social interaction in general. But her instinct is to talk a lot when she's nervous, so she winds up doing a lot of socializing, anyways.

Duncan Fields

On the surface, Duncan seems like a normal young man. However, he's actually a very distant relative of the witch who cursed the town, which was what attracted him to Misty Valley in the first place. Since coming here, he's been possessed and, while he sleeps, unknowingly wanders around town doing the curse's bidding.
  • Sleepwalking: Duncan commits most of his crimes while asleep.

Evalyn Waters

The youngest of the five Waters daughters, Evalyn is expected to carry on the Waters tradition. Namely, this means she's expected to use her magic to help the curse along. She's assigned to causing strife between Gabriel and Andromeda, but there's a conflict of interest when she falls for Gabriel's cousin, Piper.
  • The Comically Serious: It's rare for her to show any outward emotion, whether she's faced with an unspeakable horror or a hysterical townsperson. This can lead to some funny moments.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: She starts out as pretty emotionless and unempathetic, but this changes as she grows closer to Piper.
  • Just Following Orders: She doesn't take much joy in what she does in regards to the curse, and only does it because it's what she's expected to do as a Waters woman.
  • The Stoic

Gabriel Santana

The newest resident of Misty Valley, he moved into town when he inherited a house from his great-aunt. Unfortunately, her death was orchestrated by the curse to bring him to the town, specifically because he's the descendent of the pastor who condemned the witch to die. Because of this, he has a supernatural hatred for Andromeda, and the two are constantly trying to kill each other.
  • The Charmer: He considers himself this, although actual results may vary. It's part of the reason that he's so baffled by Andromeda's hatred.

Ian Morris

A young farmhand, Ian is a helpful, cheerful guy. He isn't in love with Misty Valley, but he's certainly not looking to leave anytime soon. Content would be the best way to describe him. Before they were forced to close it, Ian worked on the Matthews farm and grew quite close to Abigail. He often does odd jobs for the Waters family.

Theresa Arcand

Theresa moved to Misty Valley in grade school, and fell in love with it immediately. She's obsessed with the strange stories about the town and is always trying to convince her friends to go ghost hunting or similar things. She believes all the stories of the town, both the true ones and the not true ones.
     NP Cs (Living) 

Mr. Arcand

Theresa and Vanessa's father. He's shown to be a laid-back counterpart to their more eccentric mother, encouraging the girls in a gentle, quiet way.

Mrs. Arcand

Theresa and Vanessa's mother. She's a bit eccentric and obsessed with fad diets. Will often scold the girls for eating junk food, leading to a lot of sneaking around on their part.

Old Will

An old, possibly senile man who lives on the end of Gabriel, Andromeda, Theresa, and Vanessa's street. Theresa likes hearing stories from him.
  • Old Windbag: Only Theresa appriciates his strange stories.

Mrs. Santana

Piper's mom. A single mother, she's very supportive of Piper and her life choices, to the point of more or less adopting Evalyn once the two start dating.

Waters Family

Evalyn's family, full of witches who make sure the curse is going along according to plan. They're a matriarchal bunch led by Evalyn's mother, Ophelia. Other members include her father, Duncan, and her four elder sisters (in order): Adelaide, Belinda, Coralyn, and Deborah.
Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant: All of them could fill this to some degree.
     NP Cs (Dead) 


A witch who was killed during the witch hunt. With her last breath, she cursed the town, and she's the cause of all the misfortune that occurs. She's Andromeda's direct ancestor, and Duncan's distant one.

Ezekiel Parchess

A priest who led the witch hunt against the people of Misty Valley. He executed innocent women and witches alike in his quest to abolish "sinful" magic from the town. He left town shortly after the hunts were over, but the curse followed him. Gabe's maternal ancestor.

Mary Arcand

A gentle woman, who knew the true nature of witches and accepted them. Was very close friends with Cordelia, to the point of taking her child and raising it as her own when she died. Because of this, the curse goes easier on her bloodline. Theresa and Vanessa's paternal ancestor.

Rebecca Waters

A witch who was not caught during the hunt. When she realized Andromeda's ancestor had cursed the town, she made it her life's mission to make sure that curse would come to fruition. It is something she passed down to her daughters, and they to theirs. Evalyn's maternal ancestor.

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