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Main Characters


Hazel Burke

Played by: Shirley Booth

"Ain't that a doozie"

Hazel is the no nonsense maid of the Baxter family. Originally employed by Dorothy's family she went to work for the Baxters after Dorothy married George. Despite the fact that she is a salaried employee she is considered a member of the family.

  • Cool Old Lady
  • Friendship Moment: Between George and Hazel. Despite their squabbling, they clearly care about each other and consider each other family.
  • Kindly House Keeper: Hazel can be this at times.
  • Mama Bear If someone ever tries to hurt Missy, Harold, or George, they will surely get put in their place by Hazel.
  • The Nick Namer: At least for the Baxter family, George is "Mr. B", Dorothy is "Missy" and Harold is "Sport".
  • Old Retainer: Hazel was the maid for Dorothy's family and helped raise Dorothy, whom she calls "Missy"


George "Mr. B" Baxter

Played by: Don DeFore

  • Big Eater
  • Happily Married: While George and Dorothy have the occasional disagreement, for the most part they are content and happy with each other.
  • Papa Wolf: It's clear that George is protective of his son as well as his wife and even Hazel.
  • Put on a Bus: Both Dorothy and George go to the Middle East because of George's job, as part of the Retool in the fifth season. Harold is left behind with George's younger brother Steve so they won't have to pull him out of school.
  • Reasonable Authority Figure: George, while sometimes frazzled by Hazel, does not treat her or his family unfairly.


Dorothy "Missy" Baxter

Played by: Whitney Blake

  • Mama Bear
  • Put on a Bus: Both Dorothy and George go to the Middle East because of George's job, as part of the Retool in the fifth season. Harold is left behind with George's younger brother Steve so they won't have to pull him out of school.


Harold "Sport" Baxter

Played by: Bobby Buntrock


Stephen "Steve" Baxter

Played by: Ray Fulmer

  • Happily Married: Much like George and Dorothy.
  • Remember the New Guy?: When George and Dorothy were written out, George's younger brother Steve was introduced, despite the fact there was never any mention of him prior to the fifth season.
  • Sibling Rivalry: Played with a bit. In the episode which introduces Steve, he feels he can control Hazel much better than George. Also, when there is a contest in which the domestic help in the neighborhood has to tell why they feel their boss is the best boss, when Hazel mentions perhaps she should nominate Mr. B. and Missy (who are in Saudi Arabia), Steve has a fairly strong reaction.


Barbara Baxter

Played by: Lynn Borden



Susie Baxter

Played by: Julia Benjamin

Steve and Barbara's daughter

Supporting Characters


Deirdre Thompson

Played by: Cathy Lewis

George and Steve's snobby sister. She frequently has clashes with Hazel and occasionally with her brother George.

  • Aesop Amnesia: It seems that every time Deirdre appears to learn a lesson about not being so elite in her treatment of people, she's back to her old ways in the next episode.
  • Rich Bitch: Which is much of the reason for Hazel and Deirdre's clashes.


Harvey Griffin

Played by: Howard Smith

  • Big Eater: Especially when Hazel is the one who's doing the cooking.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite his gruff, almost confrontational exterior, he clearly is fond of Hazel and even the Baxter family.
  • The Thing That Would Not Leave: Largely due to Hazel's delicious cooking, Mr. Griffin frequently drops by at supper time and even, at times, spends the night.

     Harriet and Herbert Johnson 

Harriet and Herbert Johnson

Played by: Norma Varden and Donald Foster

  • Born in the Wrong Century: Herbert has invested stocks in such obsolete products as harnesses and saddles, shoe button hooks, kerosene lamps, stereopticon slide viewers, and cornered the whalebone market, only to discover that corsets are nowadays made of elastic.
  • Rich in Dollars, Poor in Sense: Their complete ignorance of how to handle even the most basic aspects of life is.... unbelievable.
  • Spoiled Sweet: While they obviously come from traditional upper class, the Johnsons are genuinely nice people, and treat everyone with kindness.


Rosie Hammaker

Played by: Maudie Prickett

  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Hazel and Rosie's relationship is sometimes like this; especially if there's a man involved.

Recurring Characters

     Mrs. Baxter 

Mrs. Baxter

Played by: Louise Lorimer

George's mother and the matriarch of the Baxter family. Unlike her daughter, Deirdre, Mrs. Baxter has a good relationship with Hazel.


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