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Characters / Healer

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A list of characters that appear in the Korean television series Healer.

Seo Jung-hoo / Park Bong-soo / Healer

Portrayed by: Ji Chang-wook

  • The Ace: As the Healer, he is extremely competent at his job as a night courier and is leagues better than his competition.
  • Friendless Background

Chae Young-shin /Oh Ji-an

Portrayed by: Park Min-young

  • Happily Adopted: After her traumatising experience and being abandoned and then taken in by a foster family that beat and abused her she was adopted by her father, a kind and gentle man who is a wonderful doting father to her.
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  • Intrepid Reporter: This is what she wants to be and grows to be over the course of the series.

Kim Moon-ho

Portrayed by: Yoo Ji-tae

Jo Min-ja

Portrayed by: Kim Mi-kyung


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