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Characters / Galebound

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Conan Renaud

Horseman by trade and kidnapped by the call. Is maybe an integral part of Din's plan to overthrow the monarchy? Highly persuasive.

  • Awesomeness by Analysis: While Din is busy trying to think of a plan to escape Pascal, Conan notices the pattern in Pascal's daemons' attacks and uses it to force the fire and water daemons to collide, causing them to explode into shrouding mist.
  • Compelling Voice: As a Nobleman, Conan has this power over Magicians.
  • Disappeared Dad: By his father as a child.
  • Hearing Voices: Of the '???' quality, but soon revealed to be the voice of Evenheim's city daemon.
  • Only in It for the Money: Conan is entirely unwilling to help Din until the Magician flashes a giant bag of coins.
  • Royalty Superpower: As recently revealed, his Compelling Voice is the direct result of his heritage: a Nobleman, a descendant of the first king of Cymaria, who can command Magicians against their will.

Din Duvent

An enigmatic Magician, an anarchist hell-bent on overthrowing a monarchy and probably a villain. Probably. Can't ask questions.

  • Ambiguously Evil: He has declared his intention to overthrow a monarchy; whether this is a good or bad thing has yet to be determined, but considering Din's general disregard for others' wishes, probably the latter.
  • No Sense of Personal Space
  • Strange-Syntax Speaker: Din literally cannot speak an interrogatory phrase, leading to some odd or terse phrasing when he wants to ask a question.
  • Supernatural Gold Eyes: One of the first signs of Din's magical nature is the gold ring around his pupils. When he chooses to—or when angered—his eyes can glow gold.


Pascal Boisselont

Conan's would-be assassin. Can't catch a break. Too good for this cruel world.


The daemon (spirit) of the ocean. Generally dislikes humans, especially...whatever Conan is. Has a really good excuse for referring to themselves as 'we'.


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