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Characters / Despairing Vacation

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This page lists all the characters in Despairing Vacation.

Collective Character Tropes:

     The Mascot 


     The Mastermind 


The Ultimate DESPAIR


Akihiko Sanada

Ultimate Boxer


Ultimate Actor (DESPAIR)


Ultimate Priestess (Rigan)

Clive Dove

Ultimate Reporter

Daiki Takashita

Ultimate Superstitious

Goro Akechi

Ultimate Detective

Hibiki Wataru

Ultimate Magician
"It's a shame then, isn't it? I could have intrigued you more."

An incredibly eccentric young man with a wild personality to match. His skills are exceptionally superb, not only as a Magician as was the title given to him, but a fair number of other talents too, such as (but not limited to) acting, voice mimicry, and dance.

  • Break the Cutie: Chapter One did this, to a degree. Prior to the first body discovery, trial, and execution, Wataru was attempting to keep the spirits of his classmates high in the hopes that the killing game they were told of wouldn't begin. After Goro’s execution, he becomes very distraught, though he isn’t entirely sure why he’s that upset. Once he faces his own death, he understands his prior breakdown. And then proceeds to have many more.
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  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Despite his incredibly wild and eccentric behavior, he excels at not only the skills behind his appointed Ultimate title, but a number of other skills, as well.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: He often seems to be within his own world, going by his own rules. Plenty of his classmates wonder what the hell he’s doing more often than not.
  • Friendless Background: His first friends were made once he started attending his classes at Hope’s Peak properly.
  • Large Ham
  • Love You and Everybody: Wataru states that he loves all his classmates, schoolmates, and wishes to fill the world with love—though it’s painfully obvious to everyone around him that he holds stronger feelings for one of his classmates in particular.
  • Oblivious to Love: A fair number of his schoolmates pre-killing game had some sort of affections for him; Wataru was genuinely oblivious to all of them.

Justin Thyme

Ultimate Punmaster

Lear Miyanoshita

Ultimate Cryptid (Parkour)

Lion Shinozaki

Ultimate Paranormal Investigator


Ultimate Maid


Ultimate Hacker


Ultimate Illusionist


Ultimate Test Taker

Tohru Souma

Ultimate Hikikomori

Totoko Yowai

Ultimate Idol


Ultimate Conman


Ultimate ??? (Chameleon)


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