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Characters / Big Brother AU 2008

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Terri Munro

  • Racist Grandma: Billed as such, but it never came up during the series.

Rory Ammon

Ben McCallum

Alice Redwood

  • Love Imbues Life: She didn’t have any friends in the house, and housemates joke she fell in love with the treadmill.

Travis Gilyana

Ed Cherry

  • Predatory Business: Came on the show purely to seduce fan-favorite Brigitte and steal her thunder.
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  • Surfer Dude: The look, the attitude, the lifestyle.

Brigitte Stavaruk

Bianca Benigno

Terrence Hardie

Nobbi Tanaka

  • Unhappy Camper: Forced to live outside in a Kombi Van for the entire season. Much of the season focused on his frustration with it and Terri.

Rhianna Baxter

  • Glamorous Single Mother: She was a beautiful woman, and someone’s mother. Her relationship with Rory was sketch.


Renee Black

  • Bi the Way: Regularly got comfortable with Rory, but it was brought up during one of the shows that she had an ex-girlfriend. She admitted to being heterosexual, but "liked tits".
  • Lowerclass Lout/But Not Too Bogan: One of her charms was her overall genuine and pleasant personality coupled with a thick bogan accent.
  • Psycho Lesbian: Erratic behavior and a big fan of nudie runs, she was victimized by the Australian public as a crazy bitchy lesbian.


Dixie Crawford

David Tchappat

  • Space Amish: He grew up and defected from the “Exclusive Bretheren” cult.

Nathan Strempel

  • Unexpected Virgin: People found it hard to believe that the 30 year old guy was a virgin. It wasn’t because of religious or love reasons… he just “hadn’t gotten around to it.”

Rebecca Morgan

Saxon Pepper

Saxon Pepper was a 22-year-old truck driver and doorman from South Australia. He is covered in tattoos and confesses to having a sheltered life. He also has a strong passion for conspiracy theories, the paranormal and bigotry. Saxon was evicted on Day 14 after recieving 16/39 votes from his fellow housemates.

  • Face of a Thug
  • Jerkass: Freely admitted to being a horrible person before going into the Big Brother house and proclaimed at every opportunity that he was set on changing his ways and becoming a better person. Given that he would regularly accuse people of conspiring against him, belittled Travis for not being a "proper bloke" and got in fights with people who disagreed with him, it's safe to say he failed on all accounts.

Barney Barnett

Craig "Barney" Barnett was a 33-year-old Surf Life Saver, model and ex-national level swimmer from Western Australia. He was also crowned Mr Australia in the 2006 Manhunt Australia national final and went on to finish third runner up in the Manhunt International 2007 World Final. He was one of three people who received the most votes from the Australian public in an online video audition. He entered the house on Day 7 as the third most voted person online, but was evicted by Terri on Day 10 during a snap eviction.

Michael Crafter

Michael Crafter is a 27-year-old musician from Victoria, the ex-lead singer of now defunct Australian metalcore band I Killed the Prom Queen. He received the most votes from the Australian public during an online audition. He entered the House on Day 7 during a special edition of the show, but was evicted by Terri on Day 10 during a snap eviction.

  • Face of a Thug
  • Jerkass: Nobody was really that upset that he left, and based on comments Terri made while deciding who to evict it seems the entire house was relieved to see the back of him.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye: He left along with Barney on Day 10.

Rima Hadchiti

Rima Hadchiti is a 25-year-old belly dancer from Victoria. She is only one metre tall but she quotes herself as having a big personality.


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