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  • Suikoden II has an amazing soundtrack:
    • The opening itself sets the mood immediately, with a Gregorian chant juxtaposed with the horrors of war and Luca's nightmarish face, before the music takes a hopeful and triumphant turn.
    • It starts out with The Teaser ending in an Inevitable Waterfall. As the heroes jump, Reminiscence begins to play. It is sure to play again whenever something is going to become heartrending.
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    • Gothic Neclord aka possibly the best dance track that could ever play while you are killing an evil vampire. Listen to the remixed version HERE.
    • When an army battle opts for Battlefield Without Light over the standard theme (or silence in the US version), you know it's an important one.
    • The Heart-Softening themes. All three of them (1, 2, 3). They play at crucial moments during the story, and are guaranteed to move you.
    • Iron Fist of Anger. You only hear it once during the game, but that single battle in which it is played is enough, because you will want to exterminate the double-crossing bastard who just killed Nanami in front of Riou and Jowy.
    • The Chase, which plays when you are fighting Luca directly with your multiple teams. You have a long battle ahead of you, against one of the most dangerous and monstruous human beings who ever lived, and who is tough as nail despite being a regular human.
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    • Mad Luca. You finally have that monster cornered, exhausted after being fought 3 times in a row, riddled with arrows and bleeding to death. But, no, Luca is still able to fight, and charges Riou. This music plays during the last duel against him, in which he is perfectly able to kill Riou despite beginning the fight with only 1/4 of its total health remaining. The music conveys the madness of Luca and the tension of the battle perfectly, and you know it is time to put down this mad dog for good.


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