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Pantheon / Suikoden

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In the Trope Pantheons, the following were chosen:

  • The Liberation ArmyMembers , Divine Extensive Cast of Characters (108 Stars of Destiny, Toran Republic) as Intermediate Deities in the Hall of Character Archetypes (House of Characterization)
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  • Viki, Goddess of Teleportation Mistakes as a Lesser Goddess in the Hall of Teleporting (House of Travel)
  • Luca Blight, God of Batshit Insane Villains With Royal Backgrounds (The Mad Prince) as a Demigod in the Hall of Royal Personalities (House of Royalty)
  • Lazlo, God of Earning The Right To Life (Lazlo En Kuldes, Protagonist IV) as an Intermediate God in the Hall of Endings (House of Narrative)

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