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Tear Jerker / Suikoden

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"Gremio... No."


  • Gremio's Sacrificial Lion death, even though he gets better in the good end.
    Gremio: Young Master, can you hear me? I'm sorry I can't protect you anymore. ...But now that you've grown up, you no longer need my protection. Young Master...You make me proud. I wish Master Teo could see you right now.
    Viktor: Gremio...
    Gremio: Young Master. I think it's time to say goodbye. I can't see anymore. Young Master. I'm proud of you. Promise me that you'll always follow your heart. That is my first, and final... request...
    • To make this even more heartbreaking, listen to the Drama CD version. Tir spoke, and Kenichi Suzumura's performance as an utterly heartbroken, desperate and helpless Tir screaming for Gremio to just frickin' open the door is just heartbreaking.
  • The scenes after the duel between the Tir McDohl and his father make quite an impact. And again, the Drama CD version also amps this up with the heartbreaking performance of Kenichi Suzumura as Tir.
  • Ted's back story of his village being attacked by Windy along with the village's theme song may make you reach for your tissues. Not to mention his own death.
  • While it can be considered fairly Narmy, Odessa's Heroic Sacrifice. Odessa really had a good future and looks really cool... if it wasn't for her womanly instinct kicking in the wrong time and costing her life. It's even worse that her last words are basically telling Tir that despite Flik's clingy attitude on her, she cared about him a lot. The later Player Punches are just as bad, especially when it is finally made clear that it's the fault of your True Rune that everyone you care about is dying. It's known as the Soul Eater for a good reason.
    Viktor: Are you all right, Odessa?
    Odessa: can come out now. Quickly! You must run...
    Little boy: O-OK.
    Odessa: Ahhh!
    Gremio: Lady Odessa! You're bleeding!
    Viktor: Odessa! What have you done? Without you, the Liberation Army...
    Odessa: I' sorry, Viktor. It appears... I've chosen to be a woman...rather than commander of...the Liberation Army. I couldn't let that child die. I'm a a leader...
    Cleo: Don't talk, Odessa. You'll reopen your wound!
    Odessa: Tir, will you...come here? I have...two requests. First, give this a fellow called the village of Seika...
    Viktor: Stop it, Odessa. I don't want to hear any final requests!
    Odessa: Viktor...thank you, but...I know the end is near. Tir, take it...M-my other request...Please throw my body...into the stream there...
    Gremio: What? But why? I can't do such a horrible thing.
    Tir: I can't.
    Viktor: He's right, Odessa. Why do you ask such a thing?
    Odessa: If the Liberation forces find out I'm dead...the Movement will lose faith and die...That is why you must keep my death a secret. The tiny...newborn hope...must be kept...alive...
    Tir: I can't.
    Odessa: Look, Tir, this is blood...You are not aware of it, but a lot more blood is being shed by the the hands of the Imperial Government. You must put an end to it. Even if I die...If my hopes remain alive...I can be proud of my life. My blood...
    Tir: As you wish.
    Viktor: Tir! How can you...
    Odessa: Thank you, Tir. You understand me, don't you? Viktor...if the Liberation forces find out I'm dead...the Movement will lose faith and die. That is why you must keep my death a secret. Our tiny, newborn hope...must be kept alive... If you...ever see Flik again, tell him his kindness always saw me through hard appears the end is near...Tir, I hope that you will be able to see the Free World that I was...never able to...
    • That last line got another throwback in the Drama CD in a different kind of Tear Jerker, namely an expansion of how Flik finally joined the Liberation Army after getting pissed off that Tir replaced Odessa. Viktor ended up convincing Flik to stay because he finally put out Odessa's final message to Flik, finally calming him down and convincing himself to join the Liberation Army on his own. Adding to this is the spot-on performance of both Katsuyuki Konishi (Viktor) and Yuuichi Nakamura (Flik), managing to convey Viktor's regret on the tragedy and just how crushed Flik was at the reveal that his girlfriend was dead.
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  • The sequence after the last boss is a sequence of Tearjerkers, from Barbarossa's confession to Windy of his desire to save her from her sadness and their subsequent suicide to Viktor and Flik's apparent deaths (not so much if you play II, but it counted before II's announcement) to, worst of all, Mathiu succumbing to his wounds and finally passing away just as his sister's dream is realized.
    Mathiu: Master Liukan, those voices...Have we won?
    Liukan: Yes, undoubtedly.
    Mathiu: I see. Master Liukan. I despise war. I always felt that to take a life of another, for whatever reason, was wrong. And yet, I became a military strategist and took many lives. Did I do the right thing?
    Mathiu: Perhaps I should have remained in that village, fishing in my idle moments, until my death.
    Liukan: Master Mathiu...the answer to that...
    Liukan: Are you asleep now, Master Mathiu? May you rest in peace. You have accomplished so much in your life.

Suikoden II

  • Any attacks and ransacks done by Luca Blight.
  • Lady Anabelle's unexpected death done by Jowy, the main character's best friend in an act of "betrayal".
  • When your sister Nanami falls (whether she dies or not is up to whether you recruited all 108 stars), it is a huge Tear Jerker moment, especially when she tells the hero how happy she was to be his "Big Sister". Also, Pilika's plotline is a huge Tear Jerker. She loses her village and her parents, is rendered mute when she is nearly butchered by Luca Blight, is apart from her beloved caretaker Jowy for a long time, and in the end, there is a scene where Jowy tells Pilika than when he leaves, its "goodbye forever". Pilika tells Jowy to hold her like her father held her.
  • The Tinto City event. As if the pressure of leading La Résistance and Fighting Your Friend wasn't enough, now Neclord returns and sets off a Zombie Apocalypse. Depending on how you play this scenario out, it could prove to be the hero's breaking point both physically and mentally, and cause an alternate Gainax Ending where he leaves the war behind entirely and lives out the rest of his days completely off the grid with the main conflict of the story never being resolved.
  • Culgan and Seed's death scene.

Suikoden III

  • Learning the Flame Champion's history, how he gave up the True Fire Rune so he can stay with his loved one, only to face the fact that they have very short time to be together.
  • Losing Lulu may not have bothered some players, but when you have to break the news to their mother... It's made even worse when Hugo's mother Lucia embraces him afterwards and confesses that as much as she hurt for Luce, she also felt some relief that her own son was still alive.
  • Then there's the sequence in Suikoden III where you finally catch up with the Flame Champion... Or, rather, with his long-widowed wife, Sana, who explains how he sealed away the True Fire Rune and traded immortality for the chance to grow old and die with her. It's heavily implied that the strain of sealing away the Rune sapped so much of his strength that they didn't get to enjoy much of their new life together, to boot.
  • Bringing Futch and Viki to the final battle against Luc. It's pretty heartbreaking when Viki asks one last time if they're fighting her previous ally, and Futch tells Luc that he'll never forget the times they spent as allies during two liberation wars... as much as a Jerkass Luc was both times.
    • Viki's newspaper article too. During the events of Suikoden and Suikoden II she used to get refused by Luc when she asks for picnic, only to agree in the last seconds. When even the resident ditz used to remember that Luc used to be somewhat a mere Tsundere Jerkass... it just gets sad.

Suikoden IV

  • Troy's loyalty to his empire, even until the very end of his demise.
  • Seeing Ted from Suikoden and knowing his reluctance to get close to anyone.
  • If you aren't cursing his stupidity, some of Snowe's moments can be pretty depressing, like how he completely fails to get WHY everyone reacts so poorly when he's trying so hard. The highlight is his breakdown when he's driven out of Razril by an angry mob shooting fire arrows.
    Snowe: Everything I've done was to protect you! Why am I being blamed for it?

Suikoden V

Suikoden Tactics

  • Peck's history with Brandeau and then add that to their demise in Suikoden IV makes quite a heavy tear-jerking moment.

Suikoden Tierkreis

  • Realising that Cougar isn't alive any more is quite a throw back to the player.
  • The ultimate demise of the Magedom of Janam. A country of around a million people simply ceasing to exist.


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