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Nightmare Fuel / Suikoden

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"DIE, PIG!!!!"


  • One regular enemy in the games, a plant, regenerates HP by eating your characters then spitting them back out.
  • The sheer destructive power of the True Runes is always alarming.


  • The first of the 27 True Runes to be revealed, the Soul Eater rune, is also one of the most deadly and malicious. At first, it's both awesome and a little unsettling, using it in gameplay to literally make enemies vanish without a trace. However, it becomes far more disturbing when you find out that the rune consumes the soul of the people closest to the bearer when they die, possibly even manipulating fate to cause their deaths to begin with. This even explains why Tir gets new abilities for the rune after each major character death.
  • The events at Soniere Prison. You have to go there to rescue doctor Liukan, the only person able to create an antidote for the poisonous flowers around Scarletica castle. After making your way into the deepest part of the prison and rescuing him, the background music is replaced by quiet ambience for the long path back, and the player can't even use an Escape Talisman to leave, indicating that something else is going to happen. Eventually, you run into Milich, who traps the party inside the prison with unstoppable flesh-eating spores, and Gremio locks himself in the room with them to stop them from reaching everyone else, with Tir having to listen to his last words as the spores devour him. When they finally get out, all that's left of Gremio is his clothing.
    • A couple of details about this stand out; first of all, the 'camera' pans up and will not show anything happening to Gremio during this entire scene. Also, toward the end of his speech, he casually and matter-of-factly mentions that he "can't see anymore". Have the spores reached his eyes? Or is he literally blinded by pain and losing consciousness? Gremio is brave enough to Face Death with Dignity, but that doesn't hide the fact that what happened to him is not a pleasant way to go.

Suikoden II

  • Suikoden II's Prince Luca Blight of Highland, who provides the image for this page. Driven completely insane by the rape of his mother by ruffians hired by Muse, which sparked his hatred of the City-State of Jowston, Blight is an indiscriminate butcher responsible for a large chunk of the game's events, as well as the decimation of several villages along the way. Even his Rasputinian Death is scary, as he outlasts a hail of arrows and three separate battles with your forces, only to be finally brought down by your hero in a one-on-one duel. Even then, if you're not careful, he can still beat you in that duel.

Suikoden III

  • Branky. Freaky demon puppets.
  • Landis, with his black wings, sinister scythe and blatant bloodlust.
  • How about the prediction Luc receives from the True Wind Rune of the world falling into a state of complete order and thus anything that resembles existence would cease. It's also implied that this is what would happen if High Priest Hikusaak were to obtain the 27 True Runes.
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  • The Legions of Hell that serves as the Destroyers' army.

Suikoden IV

  • Mao and Nao. There is a genuine sense of dread about who or what has set up shop in the ship's "Forbidden Room". Even when he is revealed, his presence is still pretty creepy—showing up secretly on the bottom level of the ship, talking to nobody, and growing mushrooms/mint in the darkness... Even worse? Tov's(the guy who built the ship) comment box cards have him commenting the room wasn't there before they showed up... It just appeared out of nowhere, hence the nickname, The Forbidden Room...
  • The entirety of the optional Fog Ship side quest. It comes out of nowhere, and Lazlo is beckoned by a mysterious hooded figure who leads him down a long dimly lit path inside the ship to a fight with the Ship's guide, an Eldritch Abomination who exists beyond time, and steals people's energy.
  • The Rune of Punishment itself, being destructive enough to annihilate entire fleets of ships, while stealing the life force of its owner. It will latch itself onto a new owner when its old one expires. Lazlo then confronts the shades of its past owners in some dream spirit tunnel of swirling red and black with the faint sounds of tormented voices all around.

Suikoden V

  • The megalomania caused by the Sun Rune in Suikoden V, giving the bearer a Hair-Trigger Temper plus a god complex and leading them to scorch whatever displeases them with the sheer power of the sun in complete and utter Disproportionate Retribution. You even see the aftermath firsthand with Lordlake, plus how the rune affects Queen Arshtat. It's not pretty.
  • Childerich is this game's equivalent of Luca Blight, gleefully killing civilians over imagined slights.
  • The Nether Gate assassins, with their abnormally long bodies, and odd movements. Every time they appear, someone is getting killed or threatened.

Suikoden Tactics

  • All the times people get painfully transformed into fish creatures.

Suikoden Tierkreis

  • How the followers of the Order of the One True Way, especially Cynas townspeople, live their life. Are those guys even human at all?
  • What happened to people when they were in a place where the world fusion occurred. Also overlaps with Fate Worse than Death.
  • And then there's Rarohenga, especially when you learn why the place is so twisted. Music doesn't help.
  • Macoute's transformation definitely counts. A pale bloated angel-blob crying tears of blood?! *shiver*


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