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It's a Bullet Hell rhythm game. Of course there is awesome music!

  • The tutorial, "Corruption" by Danimal Cannon, is one of the most exciting first levels in a while.
  • The first real level, "Chronos" by Danimal Cannon, is a good taste of what's to come.
  • The first boss battle music, Long Live the New Fresh, is an epic fast electronic theme that captures the boss' animations perfectly and is a great piece for an action-packed fight.
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  • "New Game" by Nitro Fun, for the first boss fight after the Cold Open, is a very fun track accompanied by many chiptune sounds from various video games.
  • "Barracuda" by Noisestorm is a threatening, fast-paced track that fittingly plays during the third boss battle (the fight with the giant pyramid).
  • The hardcore, bass-heavy "Lyanthropy" by Cardi, which plays during the fourth boss fight, the fight with the giant cactus creature.
  • "Rainbow Road" by nanobii is a relentlessly-happy, synth-heavy tune that plays when you collect a MacGuffin and fight The Corruption.
  • The introduction you get to the Factory comes in the form of Cool Friends (the remixed version by Murtagh and Veschell), which perfectly fits for a mechanical environment with the bass-fueled thumping and whirring sawblade noises in the background adding the cherry on top. The moment with the giant saws especially is guaranteed to stick with you long after finishing the level.
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  • The fight against the corrupted Cube features Close To Me, an intense track that fits perfectly with one of the most epic and emotional boss battles in the game.
  • "Final Boss" by Nitro Fun, for the rematch with the Big Bad near the end of the game, begins with a triumphant rising as the player climbs the tower to meet the Big Bad, then followed by a very bass heavy track accompanied by a Mortal Kombat esque announcer.
  • "Annihilate" by Destroid, a much more industrial and threatening track that accompanies the Big Bad's monstrous transformation and fight against its One-Winged Angel form, is awesome yet overpowering. Punctuated by the vocals "YOU HAVE BEEN DESTROYED".
  • "Till It's Over" by Tristam, the music that plays when the player gets their 11th-Hour Superpower and starts trashing the Big Bad's One-Winged Angel form. An epic and triumphant sounding track for the finale whose title perfectly contrasts the Game Over text "IT'S OVER" and complements the "continue" text "IT'S NOT OVER".
  • Mixtape #2, "Just Shovels & Knights", adds four new songs, all remixes of the level themes for the four playable characters in Shovel Knight:
    • "Strike the Earth", as remixed by Danimal Cannon, gives the original track an energetic synth rock flair to get you set for adventure.
    • "Flowers of Antimony", as remixed by Rainbowdragoneyes (a new composer for the game, known for providing the OST for The Messenger), provides an eerie, but whimsical feel befitting the explosive-hungry alchemist.
    • "In the Halls of the Usurper", as remixed by Kubbi, is a majestic, sweeping tune that gives the original chiptune accompaniment from additional percussion to give it more punch.
    • "La Danse Macabre", as remixed by Shirobon, is the boss track of the package, with a heavier percussion presence that even the boss can't help but dance to inbetween the more dubstep-esque breakdowns.


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