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This Monster Hunter clone has some pretty fantastic tunes.

  • Alan's "Over the Clouds", the first game's opening theme, really pumps you up for the fight for humanity. "Burst" replaces it with the Dub Step-ified Burst Mix.
  • The theme of the Wailing Plains, "Tearing Up the Storm" (also known as "Stormcutter"), is a gorgeous piece whose rolling piano and soaring strings perfectly balance melancholy and hope, as befits a fight for the future of a post-apocalyptic world.
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  • "No Way Back", the Insert Song that plays during the fight with the Dyaus Pita, and its remix. The song captures the feeling that you're avenging Lindow by defeating this Aragami.
  • "Endless Erosion". Corrosive Hannibal may be a post-game final boss, but it can enjoy having a badass song.
  • "In a Pool of Sunshine", which replaces the Den's music in the post-game. A beautiful, melancholy tune.
  • "God and Man", the beautiful credits theme of the first game. ESPECIALLY the vocal version, sung by Donna Burke, which plays at the end of Burst's story.
  • The theme song of God Eater 2, "Aria of Light". Both the piano version sung by Yu-yu and its dubbed English version, heard during a few early cutscenes, are beautiful, but the orchestral version which plays during the credits is by far the best.
  • "Diabrosis" is not only awesome with its chilling orchestral choir, it was even first used in the teaser trailer of God Eater 2!
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  • "Bottom of the Pile" is an epic and intense blend of operatic vocals, church organs, and pounding electronic beats that pumps you up during fights against Psions.
  • "Butterfly's Invitation", theme of the Changing Divine Gate, combines electronic music, rock, and a fiddle to make an epic yet oddly catchy theme.
  • The song for the unique Super Mode in God Eater 2, Blood Rage. With great guitar work and very hopeful lyrics, this song is persistence incarnate. A shame it doesn't play for very long...
  • "Revolving Lantern", which plays during Romeo's Dying Moment of Awesome, qualifies thanks to the beautiful vocals by Ingrid Gerdes.
  • Resurrection has a pretty awesome piece for its final boss, too: "Vi et Animo".
  • "Feed A" by OLDCODEX from the anime, despite it having a large amount of Gratuitous English, is still awesome in a similar yet different way to Black Lagoon's "Red Fraction".
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  • "All I Know" by Joelle is God Eater 3's credits theme, with a soulful melody and beautiful vocals to mark the story's heartwarming conclusion. Of particular note is the part towards the end which reprises the above-mentioned "God and Man"'s melody.

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