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Funny / God Eater

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  • Meeting Emil for the first time in God Eater 2. Boy howdy does he ham it up, you can decline his offer three times, and he gets closer each time you turn him down! Sure, you have to accept his offer, but his insistence only adds to the hilarity. There's also an extra funny if you hang around the scene of him walking off. He falls down the flight of stairs.
    • Later, during one of his Character episodes, he'll ask you to punch him in the face. You can immediately oblige before he even finishes explaining why, laying him flat. After he gives his spiel, he'll finally ready himself for the punch, giving you three options: "Just hit him", "Hit as hard as you can", and "Get a running start". The last — nay, ALL options send him flying over fifty yards, hitting rubble along the way before being forcefully stopped by a wall. Oh, and you can uppercut him off the platform afterwards.