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In addition to the pedigree of amazing visuals, Dragon Ball FighterZ is an Arc System Works game. That means the game has a pedigree of really awesome music backing it up, and boy, does it show:

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General Themes

  • The game's intro theme feels straight out of Guilty Gear Xrd and is the perfect theme for getting you hyped up to Kamehameha some fools.
  • Beta players probably got a bit sick of hearing it after a while, but the Lobby theme is a wonderful upbeat rock tune that's great for getting you hyped while waiting for a match or just hanging out, having fun watching fellow players run around with their chibi characters and joining in.
  • The main menu theme is an uplifting rock-orchestra hybrid that makes you feel as if you're on the verge of joining the greatest fighting tournament of all time, and you are going to GO OUT THERE and KICK BUTT and BE AWESOME. It's almost criminal that it lives only in the menus.
  • Each of the three Story Mode arcs features an uplifting rock track which plays over the story's ending cutscene, sadly suffering from a major case of Long Song, Short Scene.
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  • The Character Select theme is a wonderfully intense rock piece, doing a great job of hyping the player up before the match.

    Character Themes 
Each of the characters gets their own theme song, and every one of them is awesome.
  • Goku's theme. A rocking, head-banging theme that's fit for the hero of the franchise.
  • Vegeta's theme. Pure, unadulterated guitar riffing that perfectly embodies the pride of the prince of the Saiyans.
  • Gohan's theme is more light-hearted but no less confident, showing that whether he's a child or an adult, Gohan won't stop fighting for the people he believes in.
  • Frieza's theme. An ominous orchestra that captures the dread and doom that await those who come face-to-face with one of the strongest beings in the universe.
  • Cell's theme is also an orchestra piece, except with more alarming horns that perfectly represent the threat of the absorbing monster that is Dr. Gero's ultimate creation.
  • Majin Buu's/Kid Buu's theme is quirky but still packs a punch, fitting for either Fat Buu's innocence in causing destruction or Kid Buu's sheer power underneath his unassuming appearance.
  • Future Trunks's theme features intense strings and a triumphant-sounding fanfare that captures the determination of this sword-wielding hero from the future.
  • Krillin's theme. Fast-paced techno and guitars make this song sound like something out of a Sonic game.
  • Piccolo's theme. Heroic and powerful guitars for the heroic and powerful Namekian.
  • Android 18's theme begins with techno elements to highlight her robotic nature before an electric guitar kicks in to reveal her compassionate nature underneath her stoic exterior.
  • Android 16's theme also starts with techno elements before delving into an electric guitar, showing how there's more to this android than his metal exterior.
  • Tien's theme includes traditional Chinese instruments to create a song fit for one of the strongest Earthlings in the franchise.
  • Yamcha's theme. A lovely, catchy rock theme that'll have you know that the former Butt-Monkey is now ready to prove his worth against the series' best.
  • Captain Ginyu's theme. A Super Sentai-esque battle song fitting for the Ginyu Force and their penchant for over-the-top poses. Ginyu Force rules!
  • Nappa's theme. Tough, hard, Guilty Gear-like guitar riffing to herald the return of The Brute of the Saiyans.
  • Gotenks's theme is frantic, upbeat, and rambunctious, just like Goten and Present Trunks themselves.
  • Beerus's theme. A foreboding theme featuring a suspenseful orchestra and a choir fit for a God of Destruction.
  • Hit's theme. Old-school free jazz for the time-skipping assassin.
  • Goku Black's theme starts off sounding evil before moving to a more righteous anti-hero sounding theme, befitting the nature of the character as while others see him as a villain, he 100% believes that he's the hero.
  • Android 21's theme. Taking a bunch of cues from previous ArcSys villain themes, the heavy drumline, wider instrumentation, and use of Ominous Latin Chanting hammer home the impression that she's the biggest threat both in-universe and in the roster and any fight with her is "Go Time".
  • Broly's theme is perhaps the most intense song in the game to date, with the powerful guitars and crazed chanting representing the high power levels and the insanity of the legendary Super Saiyan.
  • Bardock's theme is a futuristic trance style theme that takes inspiration from Bardock's original theme in the show.
  • Fused Zamasu's theme takes several cues from Goku Black's theme, which is fitting since Goku Black is one half of the completed fighter. However, whatever anti-hero sentiments came from Goku Black's theme are now gone as the alarming orchestra and Ominous Latin Chanting signify that this god won't hesitate to destroy any who gets in his way of delivering justice to the world.
  • Vegito's theme may not be as fast-paced as some of the other themes, but it certainly leaves an impression with guitar riffs that exude power. If you listen closely, you can even hear parts of Goku's and Vegeta's themes dotted throughout the song.
  • Cooler's theme. A radically wild rock guitar piece with frenetic horns and an intense beat that only gets more chaotic as the song goes on.
  • Android 17's theme has a lone ranger feel to it, featuring a guitar playing in an old Western style to show how 17 has mellowed out since his thrill-seeking days but is still just as ready for a fight.
  • Jiren's theme begins with a heroic-sounding fanfare befitting Jiren's status as a Pride Trooper before the Guilty Gear-style guitars come in and knock it out of the park with tones that ooze danger and power.
  • Videl's theme is a light-hearted rock theme like her husband Gohan's but with an underlying piano to claim it as her own.
  • Goku (GT)'s theme is wildly different from his original theme but is no less fast-paced and rocks just as hard, showing how even in a different body, Goku is still Goku.

     Stage Themes 
  • The first stage theme of note is the World Tournament/Budokai Tenkaichi theme, most heavily associated with Goku & family. Fittingly, it's got rock undertones but its main melody is conveyed by uplifting strings and trumpets, creating an atmosphere of upbeat competition and letting you know what whatever the circumstances, Goku, Gohan and the crew will fight the good fight.
  • The theme of Planet Namek is a driving rock song that sounds like it's straight out of Guilty Gear and wouldn't be out of place as a theme for Sol Badguy, and is a perfect accompaniment for Goku or Piccolo throwing down with Frieza or Ginyu.
  • Destroyed Namek fittingly sounds like death metal for the to-the-death showdown between Goku and Frieza which it represents from the original Z. It's one of the few vocal stage tracks in the game and really gives you a vibe of "this is it". To quote one Youtube commenter:
    "This stage should've had Namekians rocking out on an active volcano in the background."
  • The Cell Games Arena theme sounds like it's clean out of GGXX and would be at home on the Mayship or something. It's an incredibly driving hard-rock electric guitar theme that is absolutely perfect for recreating the ultimate showdown between Gohan and Cell.
  • The theme of West City is a foreboding number reflecting the desperate straits the Z Fighters face in trying to protect it, with destruction already evident in the background. This stage is most heavily associated with Android 18 & Krillin, and it means more for them, because it's their home.
  • The theme for the ruined West City takes a lot of cues from the themes of ArcSys villains, most notably Nu-13's theme. Fittingly, this stage is most heavily associated with Goku Black, and is a perfect accompaniment for his attempts to slay Goku once and for all, being a theme that feels like it invokes the Grim Reaper... and here comes Black with his ki scythe.
  • The Theme for the Underground Lake or Cavern is an awesome orchestral rock piece.



  • The Jump Festa 2017 trailer uses "We Were Angels," the Majin Saga ending theme from the anime series, which hits all the right nostalgic notes.
  • Arc System has announced a collection of songs from the anime that will be DLC, including CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA, the well beloved theme from the Japanese intro to Dragon Ball Z...DBZ fans were SPARKING with hype.

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