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One look at the page image will tell you everything.

  • Arc System Works creating a 2D Dragon Ball fighting game that almost looks exactly like the anime, using the same graphics engine and visual art style that was used for Guilty Gear Xrd. The phrase "Visual Effects of Awesome" couldn't be more of an understatement.
    • In addition, intros and finishes to a match using specific opposing characters on specific stages will show specific climactic scenes from the source material proper. For example, Goku and Frieza starting off on Namek will trigger the classic Super Saiyan Goku scene. Ending the fight with Goku defeating Frieza on Namek will have Frieza take one last blast towards Goku, but Goku retaliates with his own blast defeating Frieza for good. The attention to detail on these scenes are fantastic, to say the least.
    • These deserve extra credit as they're not story mode cutscenes; they're easter eggs to reward the player for doing it. That is a lot of effort and care for something a player may never even see if they're not trying to find it.
    • Along with ones that mimic iconic scenes from the series, some are entirely new and serve as fanservice. One example is shown above, where beating Nappa with Yamcha allows for some well-needed vengeance.
  • After being a Memetic Loser and the butt of countless jokes, this game made Yamcha of all people into a Memetic Badass, thanks to a fast, physical rushdown playstyle that's earned him comparisons to Wolverine.
    • As said before, there's a Dramatic Finish where Yamcha gives Nappa a VERY Karmic Death, putting him in Yamcha's place.
      • To reiterate, after years of getting flack for having been killed by a Saibaman, Yamcha finally gets a chance at payback! By winning a match by landing a hard strike on Nappa, he subjects Nappa to the cruelest Ironic Death imaginable!
        Yamcha: Guess I showed you that I'm not playing around! Didn't I?
  • Beating one of the stronger characters such as Frieza or Cell with a canonically weaker one such as Krillin or Yamcha, since, even with Power Creep, Power Seep allowing them to keep up, the latter characters are designed to be better for assisting than for fighting directly in order to keep with the series' canon.
    • Moreover, this can be done to give said characters some well-deserved vengeance (like killing Frieza with Krillin, Nappa with Yamcha, Cell with Android 16, or Vegeta with Nappa).
  • After Cell defeats 18, Krillin utterly loses his shit and tries to kill him, despite the vast power difference. Goku's there to fight as well, but it's possible for Krillin to battle the Bio-Android one-on-one and win!
    Cell: Ooh, someone's confident.
    Krillin: Damn right! I don't care how strong you are! You touch my wife, you're going down!
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  • The Intro/Attract Mode. Words do not do it justice.
  • If you use Beerus's ultimate attack on anyone else, he simply flicks them away at full strength (epic in its own right), but if you do it on Goku Black? He uses his 'Destruction' ability to annihilate him. He doesn't get serious often, but much like the show, Zamasu has crossed a line that Beerus will not tolerate.
  • In the Story Mode's Villains Path, once the heroes bring the villains back to Bulma's ship and explain that she needs to use her machine to give power to them, she's, understandably, reluctant to give power back to the villains that have threatened their lives. Cell responds by threatening to destroy her if she doesn't hurry up. Bulma's response? She laughs in his face, and tells him that him that threatening her life won't work on her, because she knows that she's the only one who can neutralize the waves, and she then literally walks up to him and says to his face that he could, if he wants to be stuck with The Artificial Soul inside of him forever. And the look on her face, and the tone of her voice really shows how in control she knows she is, and how she's daring Cell to destroy her. It is incredibly satisfying see such a Smug Snake and Magnificent Bastard like Cell just get shut down effortlessly by Bulma talking him down with logic.
    • In a bit of Fridge Brilliance, Bulma wins even if he did snap and kill her. Her best friends/husband are standing right there, and could all likely take down a weakened Cell with the power of the Link, and would be quite willing to find the Dragon Balls to revive her, since she was never revived with the Namekian Dragon Balls.
  • Following in the footsteps of Yamcha vs. Nappa, the game features another "redemption" Dramatic Finish. If Bardock beats Frieza in space, the scene plays out just like his canon death... except that when Frieza uses his Supernova attack, Bardock manages to destroy it with sheer force of will. He says that it's pathetic to just give up and rely on someone else note  and declares that he's going to take revenge himself. He then goes Super Saiyan and nails Frieza with his Riot Javelin energy ball, carrying the tyrant off into space where he explodes, with Bardock raising his headband triumphantly.
  • Super Saiyan Blue Vegito confirmed for in-game DLC! And his entrance is pure and complete awesome; he fuses, basked in brilliant light, flips onto the battlefield with an awesome landing, and strikes his signature pose before transforming. Not only is it as fantastically animated as the rest of the game, ArcSys didn't just pick and choose which of Vegito's two entrances to use; they chose both and merged them splendidly!
    • And he gets a spectacular Dramatic Finish against Zamasu as well:
      Zamasu: This Cannot Be!! A god losing to a mortal? This can't happen! I am a god...I am justice given form...I am the world! The most noble, splendid immortal...and supremely powerful god! Za—(gets clobbered)
      Vegito: GOTCHA! (Zamasu gets knocked away)
      Zamasu: DAMN MORTALS!!!
      Vegito: It's over! Final...KAMEHAMEHA! (fires)
      Zamasu: (screams as he's erased)
      Vegito: Come on! Get serious, already!
  • Also from DLC are Goku and Vegeta in their base forms (mainly calling back to the Saiyan Saga, and Base Goku has a dramatic finish against Base Vegeta: The original and insanely iconic beam of war.
    • Base Goku against Frieza also includes the iconic Spirit Ball scene.
  • The Reveal of the next two fighters for Season 2. The first fighter was Jiren, naturally as expected. However, the next one was a big surprise. It's Videl, bringing along her husband Gohan in his Great Saiyaman attire. And just like Krillin, Yamcha and Tien beforehand, she's able to go toe to toe against the most powerful beings of Dragon Ball despite being an even more ordinary human than them.
  • After showcasing the gameplay of Jiren and Videl they revealed the last two of the six DLC fighterz of the pack. It's Broly and Gogeta from Dragon Ball Super: Broly and from the looks of Broly's artwork, it seems that they are going for Broly in his Rage Form instead of the Full Power form. Also we now can have a battle between Vegito and Gogeta both of them in their Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form! Another reason this is awesome is the fact they just showed it. They could have just revealed them at last, but no they decided to reveal them immediately after Jiren and Videl since they knew full well that it wouldn't be surprise and decided just to show it immediately and leave the fans wondering who the middle two fighterz are.
  • Not a fan of Videls' short-hair look? With a certain button input at the character select, you can use Videls' pigtail look and attire! It'll also give Great Saiyaman his helmeted costume instead of his tournament one.


  • Dragon Ball FighterZ is the highest rated Dragon Ball game of all time and the only one to exceed an 80 on Metacritic, and beats out Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- and REV 2 as the highest rated game developed by Arc System Works.
  • Christopher Sabat, the voice of Vegeta, challenging Sean Schemmel, the voice of Goku, to a duel in the game. What's more is that Sabat, overall, won. He finally gave the Prince of All Saiyans the victory over Goku he so desired.
  • Team Four Star stated they want to do a full Dragon Ball Z Abridged voice pack mod for the PC version of the game, meaning it very well could be possible to play the game with the popular abridged versions of the characters.
    • Ultimately averted however, as they later announced they wouldn't be going ahead with it due to issues with modding on PC.
  • Yet another meta example, and this time one by pure accident; when set to its lowest graphical settings, the PC version of the game looks even more like an old-school 2D sprite-based game, with pixelated characters and backdrops that would be at home on a Game Boy Advance.
  • Some of the mods already available for the PC version. Modelswaps they may be, but some of the combinations and crossovers you can make are insane and awesome. Want one to pay tribute to the other and take on the Dragon Ball cast as Super Sonic? Now you can! Want to lay waste to Goku and co. as Mewtwo (complete with Mega Evolution)? Go right ahead! Want to kick ass as one of Nintendo's biggest Memetic Badasses? Of course you do! And they're only getting weirder from there!
    • They're not all crossover mods, either. Some of them are alternate costumes and/or transformations for the characters already in the game. Want to fight as Badman Vegeta, or Super Saiyan God Goku? Find the right mods, and you can do that. There's even a mod that changes Nappa into the champ himself, Mr. Satan!

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