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Headscratchers for Dragon Ball Fighter Z.

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    Namekian Dragon Balls 
In the second story route, it's revealed that the reason villains like Cell and Frieza are running about is because 21 wished them back to life with the Namekian Dragon Balls during a hunger-induced episode that she doesn't remember. The problem is, she wished back far more than three people, while Porunga can only bring back one person at a time, all of them except Frieza and Ginyu had been dead for more than a decade (and Ginyu is somehow back in his original body despite having body jacked in the Resurrection F arc of Super, which is acknowledged to have happened in this game), and Ginyu, Frieza, Cell and Nappa didn't die on Namek. So how exactly was this achieved?
  • Remember that time Super Buu killed almost everyone on Earth from the lookout and when Kid Buu destroyed the Dragon Balls along with the planet? They used the Namekian Dragon Balls to wish back the planet and restore all good people Buu killed. Just in case another unexpected enemy like Frieza ever showed up again and killed a bunch of them, the Namekians empowered their Dragon Balls and Parunga to be able to resurrect far more people. Now, having not seen the full story yet, I'm more curious about how she managed to both summon and make a wish from Porunga. Porunga not only requires a special pass phrase to be summoned, but the wishes have to be made in the Namekian language.
    • There is still a plothole in that she managed to bring them all back. Unless you are using Super Dragon Balls, you can't revive any more than one person who has been dead for over a year per wish. When reviving a bunch of people at a time, the dragon balls can only bring back those who have not been dead for more than a year. Frieza was able to be revived in Revival of F despite being dead for more than a year because they were just bringing back one person, but when it's a bunch of people being revived, only the ones who have not been dead for more than a year can be brought back. 21 should have only been able to bring back Frieza and Ginyu (since they hadn't been dead for longer than a year) along with two other people. She shouldn't have been able to bring Guldo Jeice, Burter, Recoome, Cell and Nappa, she should have only been able to bring back two of them in addition to Frieza and Ginyu.
      • I think the one year limitation was only a plot point for the Earth Dragon Balls and it used to apply to any number of people being revived until Resurrection of F retconned this limitation to only apply to mass resurrections to excuse Frieza's return. I don't recall any limitations for the Namekian Dragon Balls other than that the wish must be made in their native language, Porunga needs to be summoned using a pass phrase (which is in Namekian), they're restricted to three wishes, Porunga can't affect beings stronger than its creator against their will (like when Goku refused to return to Earth after it was revealed that he survived Namek's destruction), they take a full Namek year to recharge (Original Namek, which was about six Earth months if I'm mistaken), and that only one person can be wished back at a time (which they did away with at the end of the Buu arc). The Namekian Dragon Balls were already very different from the ones from Earth and are currently much more powerful, so I don't see why we should assume that they share the one year limitation. If not for the retcon causing the one year rule to only apply to mass revivals, I'd theorize that the limitation is a result of reincarnation making it impossible to revive a person since they already exist as a new life and the process of reincarnation possibly taking about a year (In Super, it's revealed that Frieza's only still in hell or even still exists in his current form because he's too stubborn to allow himself to be purified and reincarnated).
    16's height 
Now that we have an established appearance for both of 16's (or rather, the person that 16 was built to resemble) parents: where the good gravy does he get his stupendous height? Neither of his parents seem to be above average for their gender(this is slightly muddy for Android 21, as she is only seen in heels), yet 16 seems to be kicking around somewhere north of six and a half feet tall.
  • He takes after a grandparent?
  • Maybe the original didn't have the height, but Gero made the android bigger to make him more intimidating (and less likely to be attacked and destroyed).
  • 16 is a different type of Android to the others, built from scratch, and would likely require a lot more hardware to accomplish the same task when compared to them. The cyborg 'androids' might still sweat to regulate their own heat, still use their human brains to control weight distribution and balance, ect. What they can accomplish with lightweight organics, 16 needs heavy machinery for - and even then, he needs enough power in his legs to carry all of that weight, large enough feet to keep himself steady, and so on. We've seen other wholly artificial mechs and robots in DB, and they tend to be at least 2 times the size of a human, if not larger. Gero may have needed to upscale 16 to make his design viable.
  • How did Gero, 21, or Gero's computers even know about the Namekian Dragon Balls or the Ginyu Force?
    • They possibly overheard a conversation, and they saw Ginyu taking over Tagoma's body, thinking he was perfect for the job.
    • The story treats it as though the entire Ginyu Force had been revived. Only Ginyu ever made it to earth in any form.
    • If Gero's computer was still going to be working on various Android projects, perhaps it hacked into Capsule Corp databases and stole that particular information? It would be just like Bulma to keep records of this sort of thing, particularly in the wake of various threats re-emerging. The Androids were the result of Red Ribbon tech, and Resurrection: F are just the most obvious examples, but knowing where Namek is for their Dragon Balls is certainly something very important to keep track of after the role they played in the Buu Saga. This might also explain how 21 got to Namek in the first place, since Capsule Corp has the blueprints for interstellar starships, and has since before the Frieza Saga (thus allowing Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin to get to Namek in the first place).
  • Why didn't 21 bring back Tagoma, King Cold, or any of Babidi's henchman?
    • Let me imagine a headcanon: King Cold wasn't included because the computer didn't see him do anything, and Babidi's henchmen were inside the ship, and the computer couldn't detect anything. The computer also heard Ginyu taking over Tahoma's body during Resurrection F, so it thought it would be more logical to include him in the plans. Doylist explanation: They hardly did anything in order to make them playable.
  • Why aren't there any clones of the Supreme Kai? He himself has stated he could beat Frieza (pre-training) and since Kid Buu clones are running around despite him being dead/reincarnated, it should be fairly simple.
    • The computer didn't capture him doing anything, so he wasn't included. Doylyst explanation: because Shin only did one move on Earth: the eye beam, something I think Nappa already covered.
    • The point wasn't necessarily him being seen doing something. They were brought back to snack on.
    • Alternate explanation: they were unable to clone Kai DNA because of godly reasons or trying not to attract the attention of either real Kais or Beerus.
      • Yeah, if anything would force them to get involved, it’s mortals making gods. That sounds like the sort of situation where the Kais or even Zen-o could decide Zamasu was right.
  • Why no Cell Jr. clones?
    • Watsonian reason: Why clone the little children when you can have thousands of big bug daddy? Doylist reason: The same.
      • Plus if she really wants to have them to snack on, she could always find a way to entrap Cell, force him to give birth repeatedly and then eat them. Cell farming
  • At the end of the Android Arc, Goku throws the Spirit Bomb at Evil Android 21, but she blocks it. So, Good Android 21 decides to sacrifice herself by attacking Evil Android 21, so both will be destroyed together. However, Goku tells Gohan in the Saiyan Saga that the Spirit Bomb cannot hurt those pure of heart. So, shouldn't Good Android 21 live, since she's the good version of herself?
    • One could Hand Wave it as Good Android 21 only being good, not necessarily pure since she knows cannot keep her dangerous hunger in check forever and still feels guilty over the things she did already. It's also possible that someone pure of heart simply CAN survive the Spirit Bomb, not that they will by nature, since Gohan still had to take a stance to bounce the Spirit Bomb away. Along that line, Good 21 attacked with full intention to die along with Evil 21 to make sure neither would become a threat through their hunger again.
    • It's also possible that the corruption of her body- the desire to feast- had infected Good Android 21's heart to a small degree. Whis even says that if she hadn't sacrificed herself, she may have become a bigger threat in the future. Given her incredible amounts of scientific knowledge, she probably knew this and figured that the blast would take out both of them.
    • And an explanation far less complicated and hypothetical: she presumably has the same soul as Gero’s wife. She was married to Dr. Gero, the guy who kidnaps teenagers and forcibly converts them into biomechs programmed to kill Son Goku. She was a scientist for the Red Ribbon Army at the same time, the people that wanted to take over the world in Dragon Ball. She has amnesia, so we don’t even have a glimpse at what she was like when Goku was a kid, but she was a scientist for an evil group fucking another evil scientist doing evil experiments on people and trying to create life. Somehow I doubt that fits the Kais’ definition of pure.
  • Do we know if Android 21 is has infinite energy generators like 17 and 18 (and maybe 16 as well)? It's not really made clear, though Buu already has massive energy reserves anyway, so she made not need it. Still I've been trying to figure that out for some time now, since it's not stated in the story if she does or not.
    • 21 mentioned herself that she's a bio-android, like Cell. He didn't have infinite energy, given that in Z he was visibly worn out by the end of his fight with Goku before he got a Senzu Bean. So I imagine it's like that for her as well.