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TV series:

  • "Joe Blows, Part 1." Joe struggles to keep it together as he faces: Helen flaunts her relationship with Davis; Lowell (loudly) works on his new motorcycle; Roy incessantly playing Aeromass's new radio commercial; Fay insisting/expecting help for her umpteenth project; Brian seeking advice about his sex life with Alex; and an irritable passenger who lost some luggage. Joe maintains his composure, until the passenger complains about a scratch on his suitcase. The Crowning Moment of Awesome comes when Joe sends the suitcase to the complaint department (aka through a window) and calls everyone on their selfish behavior before leaving the airport on Lowell's motorcycle.
  • "Boys Will Be Girls:"
    Lowell: Hey guys. Uh, listen, I was over at the drug store and they had these pictures ready for you. [Hands them envelope of photos of them kissing the dead body of their high-school gym teacher whom they'd dressed up as a woman, thinking he was asleep.]
    Joe: [panicked] Pictures?!
    Brian: Uh, listen, Lowell, you didn't take a look at them or anything did you?
    Lowell: Oh, no. None of my business. [sits at Joe's desk.]
    Joe: So, uh, is their anything else, Lowell?
    Lowell: Well, Joe... [puts feet up on desk and hands behind head] I think it's time we talked about a raise!
  • Speaking of Joe, Helen, and Davis. . .Joe has just raced to New York to stop Helen from accepting Davis' proposal. As Helen tries to dismiss him and claim that the other night (when they slept together) meant nothing, Joe finally breaks down:
    Joe: How can you even THINK about marrying Lynch! It's wrong! Having kids with him, growing old together, that's OUR marriage! Those are OUR kids! That's OUR lifetime! We're supposed to be together. (pauses) I love you, Helen.
  • In "The Lady Vanishes", after Joe ruins Antonio's chances at getting a girl (he needed help moving a filing cabinet, an inch), Antonio beats him up.
  • Brian and Antonio end up in a perilous situation in "The Bank Dick", when they realize that a passenger on the plane is a bank robber. Unfortunately, the bank robber figures out that they know, and he attempts to force Brian at gunpoint to land so he can get away. How does Brian respond? He sends the plane into a nosedive and threatens to kill all of them if the robber does not surrender his gun. The robber caves in, and surrenders to Antonio.