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Welcome to the Wings Headscratcher.

That out of the way, let's start the show:

  • In the Naked Truth, Joe says he hasn't heard from Helen in 10 months. Despite how they left things, if my girlfriend and lifelong friend moved to New York and I didn't hear from her in all that time, I would try to get in touch with her because I would start to worry that she had been murdered. It even seems to come as a shock to him that Helen had sent Fay a birthday card and neither him nor Brian knew where she lived until then. All he does is get a new girlfriend.
    • It's the early 90's, so Helen's not going to have a cell phone or an email address or anything like that. So if she moves to a new city, and doesn't tell anyone what her new address or phone number, there's not much they can do to find her short of hiring a private investigator.

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