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Wings (not to be confused with Wings of Dawn, is a Game Mod for FreeSpace 2 set in a completely different universe, a 20 Minutes into the Future scenario centered around a fourth World War in the year 2145. The world's nations have coalesced into a handful of massive superpowers after the devastating events of World War III a century earlier. In Russia an aggressive nationalist party has come to power and seeks to regain Eastern European states that were once part of Tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union. The problem is, these territories are now part of the European Union, which controls the most powerful military in the world and has the United States as its ally. The Russians enlist the help of the Pan-Arab Coalition with the promise of giving them Palestine (which has existed under an uneasy peace as a European Union member for the past 50 years or so). While the Russians and PAC set out to take a bite out of the European Union, Earth's various space colonies have decided they've had enough of meddling Earthers telling them what to do and have formed the Spacer Commonwealth. The nations of Earth are rather displeased about this, and you just know it will get ugly.


Wings is notable for its extremely fast-paced dogfighting (speeds of over 500 m/s are not uncommon) and emphasis on atmospheric combat with futuristic fighter jets. The player assumes the role of a rookie American pilot with the callsign Spectre, assigned to the USS Virginia to assist the European Union in the war. The campaign stretches over 20 missions and puts the player in combat at various points against the Russians, PAC, and Spacers, in both the air and space.


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