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  • When the Wu-Tang Clan was founded, RZA promised that they would conquer hip-hop within 5 years if they gave him total dictatorial control during that period. Fast forward to 1997, when Wu-Tang Forever was released. Guess what?
  • Masta Killa's verse on "Da Mystery of Chessboxin'" was the first rap he ever wrote, one that he spent an entire night composing. It's also considered one of the best rhymes on the album.
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  • For how convoluted and controverisal Once Upon a Time in Shaolin is, people will admit how impressive the entire talk about it was, coming off as a sort of a magnum opus for RZA and Ascended Fanboy Cilvaringz.
  • ODB and his friends helped save a 4 year old girl that had been crushed by a car outside his studio. He visited her in the hospital without ever identifying himself.


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